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High Professional standards matter to us, because they matter to you.

HSSE is an integral part of Tokheim Ireland’s business. Our management teams, at all levels, are directly involved in the development of HSSE objectives at an individual and organisational level. Tokheim Ireland uses a common set of rules, guidelines and reporting tools to help ensure a high level of professionalism and adherence to both local and global standards wherever we operate. We have a strict selection policy and training programmes for all our contractors. Our goal for ‘zero accidents’ aims to ensure a safer environment for our staff, our clients and their end-users.


Tokheim is the only Irish business in the petrol and retail markets that has been awarded the DNV certification. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certification is a rating of safety & management processes in place in a company. The internationally accepted certification has been extended for Tokheim annually since 2008. DNV is particularly important in the hazardous petroleum market and, for example, Esso, insist on using only DNV accredited engineers. The DNV standards help improve the overall safety culture in an organisation, helps reduce accidents and it ensure forecourt and retail I.T. equipment is installed more safely and more effectively.

We have won many awards from major oil companies across the globe for our commitment to ensuring a safer environment for our staff and our customers. Recent awards received by Tokheim’s SSD’s include:

  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certification
  • Safety Innovation from Shell in France
  • BP Europa SE Safety Award for outstanding safety performance in Germany
  • Tiger Performance Award, a Safety Trophy from ESSO in Benelux, Austria, France, Germany and Tunisia
  • Mobility Trophy from Informatique for the roll-out of PDAs to our maintenance technicians in France
  • Security award from BP for French construction services
  • Security Network Challenge Trophy (Trophée Challenge Sécurité Réseau) from Total in France
  • Award from the Ministry of Employment in Spain for achievements in the field of HSSE
  • Tokheim Iberica award from Repsol for Innovative Initiatives in the field of HSSE
HSSE Best-practice

We and Tokheim’s other Sales and Service Divisions across the globe share common risks and hazards in fuel-retailing. As such, our HSSE managers work closely with each other and our central organisation to share problems, solutions, equipment and “lessons learned” reports from accidents, incidents and near-miss reports. All of this is vital to ensure that once the cause of any accident is identified, it is not repeated across the

Tokheim organisation and that we share the experience and corrective actions agreed openly with our clients and partners. Tokheim’s Global Working Procedures on the working requirements on site are further augmented through the application of laws and best-practices to ensure that the highest possible standards of safety are followed, regardless of the country of operation.

Zero Accidents. Zero Compromise.

Our safety culture is embedded across our Management, Sales & Service Divisions and Partners. Based on the strategic company goal of “Zero Accidents”, the Tokheim philosophy is that no accident is acceptable, and that investigation, root cause and learning’s from accidents are at the heart of positive change. Our HSSE community ensure this belief is used to understand and share important safety information, not only for Tokheim, but other contractors, site operators and others affected by forecourt operations.

Common Goals. Common Reporting.

Near miss reporting lies at the heart of Tokheim’s proactive approach to safety management, with employees submitting reports of potential hazards. These reports are shared with our customers in order for them to take action to rectify defects on their own premises and are also reported internally for logging and analysis. Expanding the use and ability of our service database, Kimoce, has allowed Tokheim Ireland to ensure all reports will be able to be accessed, downloaded and submitted to clients expeditiously. This allows for better trend analysis and prompts rapid action on all  issues.

HSSE reporting

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