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Tokheim, in partnership with Fenotec, introduce a pioneering tank solution. Using a patented mounting system the durable leak protection lining solution is installed in just a few days to provide years of protection to underground tank units. It is suited to situations where a tank leak has occurred, if an alternative new fuel is to be loaded, or if tank coating is not an option due to high internal corrosion. The solution reduces costs, increases safety and provides long-term environmental protection for your forecourt.

Key Benefits To Your Business

Cost Savings

Tokheim’s tank lining solution reduces labour and material cost by up to 75% versus tank replacement and 35% versus an epoxy liner system.

Reduced Site Downtime

The tank lining solution takes just a few days to complete. The method ensures that downtime is reduced and your site can be operational quickly once again.

Future Proof

The liner gives old tanks new capabilities, so that they can handles a variety of fuel types and bio-fuels in the future.

Environmental Compliance

The tank liner is made of high quality materials that comply with current regulations for a long lasting life.

Improved Safety On The Forecourt

The process is unmanned with no requirement for personnel to enter the tank, making this a safer solution.

Local Knowledge, Global Team

Tokheim have an international support network that puts service first. We are and will be with you every step of the way.

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How It Works

Cleaning The Tank

Tokheim clean the tank in preparation via a powerful sand or water blast tool. The cleaning is carried out unmanned so no operators enter the tank.


Measuring The Tank

A 3-D laser calibration tool is used to create an exact 3-D model of the tank. The 3-D drawing of the tank is used to create a custom-made tank liner.


Installation Of Key Components

Firstly, a protective mattress is lowered into the tank and inflated. It acts as a cushion for the liner to be placed on top of. The operators then feed the liner into the tank.


Inflating The Liner

The Mattress is removed and the protective liner is then inflated. It acts as a “second skin”. The final shape and dimension is exactly that of the tank.


Commissioning The Tank

Thorough testing is carried out via a vacuum leak detection solution. After a final inspection via camera system the pipework and tank cover are reconnected. The tank is now ready for use once more.


Find out more about Tank Lining Solution in our Brochure

Video: Tank Lining

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