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Tokheim® Payment solutions

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Tokheim provides a fully integrated card payment solution designed to meet the specific needs of the service station market. Tokheim Crypto VGA™ outdoor payment terminals and Tokheim Crypto IPT™ indoor payment terminals seamlessly integrate with our Electronic Payment Server (EPS) solution to provide the most comprehensive and secure on-site card payment solution.

Our fuel and bank card authorisation and switching service handles more than 300 million transactions annually for oil companies, wholesaler groups and independent dealers. The highly secure online solution allows transactions to be authorised quickly and securely to help you offer your customers a better service.


Tokheim OASE™ (Online Authorisation and Switching Environment), helps facilitate fuel and bank card payments at the EPOS. It removes the complexity of diverse key management and protocol implementation from the site and brings it to a central switch point. One single security scheme (based on 3DES DUKPT) and one single protocol (based on IFSF) is all it takes to connect a Tokheim Fuel POS™ site with Tokheim OASE – and from that point you have the ability to accept all cards. From Tokheim OASE, the transactions are then switched to the relevant bank and fuel card acquirers in accordance with their specific security and protocol guidelines or they are directly authorised by Tokheim OASE. This solution provides a huge benefit to our customers as once established it becomes very easy to accept additional cards on their sites.

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Tokheim OASE as bank card switch

Tokheim OASE processes all major bankcard schemes, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. With Tokheim OASE, our customers have the benefit of being able to select their preferred bank acquirer with the most beneficial card acquiring fees and the best level of service. A strong value proposition is achieved by aggregating the transactions from multiple countries with the same acquirer, which provides our customers with the required “buying power” to negotiate and achieve lower acquiring fees. Tokheim OASE complies with the relevant bank standards, is compliant with PCI DSS and offers a superior level of service for our customers.

Tokheim OASE as fuel card switch

Tokheim OASE offers the most complete fuel card acceptance solution in the industry through a multitude of online, secure links with fuel card issuers. For a service station, it is simple to add additional card acceptance on your network and increase your revenue. For fuel card issuers, the Tokheim Fuel POS installed base offers the quickest way to achieve Europe-wide acceptance of their cards e.g. by creating cross-acceptance deals with networks of service stations.

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Tokheim OASE as end-host

Tokheim OASE also provides a fully managed service for the online processing of fuel cards. This reduces the high level of investment for fleet card issuers for setting up a secure online infrastructure. With Tokheim OASE, they find an attractive business model with a relatively low investment. Through the use of stop lists, white lists, several velocity parameters and corresponding settlement files, each oil company is able to build up their own scheme rules.

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Loyalty & e-Vouchers

Tokheim’s payment solution also supports a suite of loyalty applications. We offer a loyalty package that includes the standard features such as award points based on articles and fuels purchased, exchange points for gifts, plus bonus points through affiliated coupon programmes. This generic online loyalty interface is based on IFSF standards and so has a reduced time-to-market. Tokheim also offers an e-voucher application with our payment that covers items such as phone top-up, gift cards, fun park tickets plus much more. This generic e-voucher interface uses the IFSF standard with a barcode or article number / activation code and can further customise the service by adding logos/brands to the printouts.

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