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Tokheim EYE™ is a powerful but easy to use digital camera surveillance system designed for petrol stations. Tokheim EYE only stores relevant images – so you can quickly view images captured from the cameras as soon as movement is detected.

Tokheim EYE stores the receipt number and filling number together with the images; this unique connection means that you can retrieve images of events or a particular filling or transaction by receipt or filling number or alternatively images by date and time.

Drag and Drop

The Tokheim EYE is easy to use due to an intuitive interface, which allows you to drag and drop camera thumbnails onto the media player.

Image on Fuel POS™ point-of-sale system

Display up to 9 images of the filling station on your cashier’s screen to help avoid mix-ups and speed up the sales process. More on Tokheim Fuel POS

355 Tokheim eye car Fuel POS

Zoom in with high-definition

Viewing images displayed on the system is easy due to a simple quick-select tool. Utilise this feature to quickly zoom-in on number plates and other useful information.

Number Plate Recognition

Both static and dynamic automatic number plate recognition is available as an option, enabling you to easily store forecourt drive-offs in a blacklist directory. If the license plate appears at the service station again, the cashier is automatically notified.

Optional Features: Secure your site remotely

Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Using the Tokheim EYE tablet and smartphone app (available for android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows), you can easily monitor occurances on site at all times. Stream footage of your site directly to your phone with 24-hour access.

More on the app

Connect multiple points to one control-room

Monitor and connect to fire alarms, forecourt speakers, access controls and more, and view multiple sites from one ‘control-room’ screen.

Tokheim EYE control room


  • Reduce losses from drive-offs
    Proactively reduce drive-offs through vehicle registration blacklists, and view clear images of related vehicles and persons instantly.
  • Reduce losses from shrinkage
    Integrated EPOS and cameras ensure suspicious patterns can be detected easily, and enable you to act upon potential employee theft.
  • Save time searching
    Minimise the need to search through hours of CCTV footage using the simple yet effective search feature.
  • Prevent fraud on the forecourt
    Connect to other areas on the forecourt, including tank manholes and fuel pump panels to prevent large fuel losses.
  • Increase throughput and reduce mix-ups
    Helpful images on the screen of the Fuel POS reduce mix-ups at the till, especially convenient at busy times.
    • Use of existing equipment and infrastructure
      Existing cables and cameras can be used when upgrading a site to incorporate the Tokheim EYE solution, minimising disruption.
    • Local knowledge, global team
      Dover Fueling Solutions has an international support network that puts service first. We are there every step of the way to find effective solutions to complex security challenges.
VIDEO: Tokheim EYE explained

VIDEO: Ron Perry customer story