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Two legendary brands.

Coming together as one. To provide the industry’s only end-to-end site solution. To better serve our customers and partners.

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OPW and Tokheim are two legendary brands renowned around the world for their revolutionary innovation, unparalleled product breadth, depth and quality, engineering excellence, unmatched global distribution and the exceptional customer satisfaction. Each brand has earned its reputation by leading the way and providing better quality in fuelling solutions for more than 120 years. 

Today, OPW and Tokheim are a global force united by a common mission to deliver to the worldwide retail petroleum industry innovative and quality fuelling solutions in the safest, most efficient, reliable, profitable and environmentally responsible manner.

One Company. One source. Fuelling the world.

For more than a century, our partners around the world have trusted OPW and Tokheim to consistently deliver products and solutions of the highest quality, reliability, safety and efficiency. We are a unified global force of more than 3,850 employees worldwide whose spirit of innovation in technology, products, service and solutions help fuel the success of our customers.

From a single nozzle, dispenser or a payment terminal to a fully integrated fuel site solution, we are the world’s only true one-stop-shop. The broad range of our products and solutions has been designed and engineered to work in unison to create a unified fuelling system for the customers.

Utilising world class manufacturing processes across all our global facilities, every product is built to the same high quality standards and rigorously tested beyond industry benchmarks to ensure reliability, uptime performance, lowest total cost of ownership, and an optimum experience for our consumers.

Our partners and customers are supported by the experienced and strong local distributors and authorised service representatives all committed to delivering the very best service and customer experience possible.

Experience the industry’s only end-to-end site solution exclusively provided by OPW Tokheim.

Video: Tokheim OPW Pressure System

Video: Tokheim OPW Suction System

We’ve Got You Covered.

Together, OPW and Tokheim can deliver an end-to-end site solution with unmatched quality, benefits, service and value, no matter where you are in the world.

We’ve got you covered. OPW (blue) Tokheim (red).

For more information on OPW Tokheim refer to our latest press release.

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