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Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

Safety is a core value.

HSSE is a fundamental part of our business. As an alternative to HSSE being a top priority, in a climate where priorities may be subject to change, we have HSSE embedded as a core value. Our management teams, at all levels, are actively engaged in the development of HSSE objectives, both individual and organisational.


As part of DFS, Tokheim uses a common set of rules, guidelines and reporting tools to help ensure a high level of professionalism and adherence to both local and global standards wherever we operate. We also have a strict selection policy and requirements for all our contractors. Our goal for ‘zero accidents by choice’ aims to ensure a safer environment for our staff, our customers and the end-users of our products.

HSSE Best-practice

Both Tokheim Manufacturing and Tokheim MDSP’s share common risks and hazards in fuel retailing. As such, our global and local HSSE teams work closely with each other to share best-practice, pro-active safety initiatives and ‘lessons learned’ from accidents, incidents, and ‘See-It, Fix It’ reports. All of this information is vital in enabling us to achieve our goal: everyone returning home safe every single day.

Zero Accidents. Zero Compromise.

Our safety culture is embedded across our Management teams, onsite staff, MDSP’s and Partners. Based on the strategic company goal of “Zero Accidents by choice”, the company philosophy is that no injury is acceptable, and that investigation, root-cause and the learning’s from accidents are at the heart of positive change. We apply various methods of investigative tools against smaller incidents, in the knowledge that this is not time wasted. Ishikawa, 5-Why and Safety Kaizen’s are frequently used to identify underlying and contributory issues, often before they have surfaced as something more menacing. We have committed to all our staff that every one of them deserves the right to return home safe, every day and we strive to pursue this pledge.

Common Goals. Common Reporting.

‘See It-Fix It’ reporting lies at the heart of our proactive approach to safety management, with employees identifying unsafe situations and potential hazards (See-It), taking ownership to deal with them (Fix-It) and then submitting a report. This ownership of safety and accountability for action is a key component of our safety culture. The active participation of an engaged workforce within this programme is core to its success. As well as sharing best practices across our operations and industry sectors, where appropriate, these reports are shared locally with our customer base for them to take action to rectify defects on their own premises and are also reported internally for logging and analysis. This allows for better trend analysis and prompts global action on common issues.

Sustainable Footprint. Greater Good.

Our sites and operations are actively looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We have pursued several leaving environmental standards and are committed to lowering our carbon footprint globally. From solar panels on facilities to achieving zero landfill from our largest manufacturing centre to closing environmental loops in our supply chain, we are making significant progress to our environmental objectives. Our product options and characteristics also enable our customers to benefit from some of the lowest power-consuming products available on the market today.


Occupational Health & Safety Management, ISO 45001:2018

Energy Management System, ISO 50001:2018

Environment Management, ISO 14001:2015