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  • 1898 – 1920

    1898 – 1920

    Tokheim began in an Iowa hardware store more than a century ago. Merchant John J. Tokheim was searching for a way to improve the method of dispensing gasoline. In 1898, he invented ‘Tokheim Dome Oil Pump’ to do the job. The popularity of his invention, the, led to organizing the Tokheim Manufacturing Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1901. In 1918 the company was purchased and relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • 1920 – 1940

    1920 – 1940

    1920: Establishment of Aster-Boutillon. Later acquired by Tokheim.

    1925: “Roman tank” pumps first appear in France. Fuel is sold in multiples of 5 litres, featuring 200-litre drums. The pump is a hand-activated 5-litre twin-gauge pump.

    1927: Tokheim Fuel pumps are installed at service-stations.

  • 1940 – 1950

    1940 – 1950

    1940: Koppens Automatic, a manufacturer of fuel dispensers and later part of Tokheim, is founded in the Netherlands.

    1947: End of sales in 5-litre multiples! The first mechanical measurers and calculators appear, enabling the price to be calculated according to the volume dispensed. From now on, any volume can be delivered.

  • 1950 – 1970

    1950 – 1970

    1954: Quotation of Tokheim on the NYSE and creation of EIN, near Caen (France).

    1969: The first tests of an electronic calculator take place in a petrol station.

  • 1970 – 1980

    1970 – 1980

    1970: The first self-service stations appear.

    1974: Self-service stations are equipped with cabled logic consoles, an ancestor of today’s EPOS.

    1976: Tokheim introduces the first electronic calculator equipped with a microprocessor as standard. Fuel pumps become multi-product dispensers.

    1977: Self-service consoles are equipped with microprocessors.

  • 1980 – 1990

    1980 – 1990

    1985: Acquisition of Koppens Automatic by the Schlumberger group. Credit card readers are built into Tokheim fuel dispensers.

    1987: The console becomes the PC and station management in the true sense makes its debut.

    1990: Acquisition of Schwelm Tanksysteme by the Schlumberger group. Acquisition of EIN by the Compagnie Générale des Eaux; this newly created group is named Sofitam.

  • 1990 – 2000

    1990 – 2000

    1991: Acquisition of Dunclare Dispensers (Dundee, Scotland) by the Schlumberger group.

    1996: Acquisition of Germann (Germany), Guéant (France), CME, Borghetti and Nuova RIMIC (Italy) by the Schlumberger group. Tokheim, for its part, acquires Sofitam.

    1997: Acquisition of Management Solutions Inc (“MSI”) by Tokheim.

    1998: Acquisition of Schlumberger’s Retail Petroleum Systems division by Tokheim.

  • 2000 – 2005

    2000 – 2005

    2003:  Tokheim S.A.S. is created by European Management and Financial Investors, headquartered in Paris, to acquire Tokheim Corporation’s assets located outside of North America. Tokheim Corporation’s North American assets are acquired by local US companies.

    2005: Tokheim completes a new Joint Venture in China (Tokheim Hengshan). Tokheim completes a new Joint Venture in India. Acquisition of Steinebach Maintenance business in Germany.

  • 2005 – 2010

    2005 – 2010

    2008: Acquisition of the Retail Petroleum Business of the Goehler Group. Acquisition of Forecourt Systems in Ireland. Acquisition of Holland Verlichting Service in the Netherlands. Acquisition of Elektro Spiller GmbH in Austria. Acquisition of Timelec in France.

    2009: Tokheim acquires a 60% stake in Background2 Ltd. in the UK. Acquisition of Rohé: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania.

    2010: Acquisition of Acis Slovakia & Czech Republic

  • 2010 - today

    2010 - today

    2012: Tokheim returns to South Africa after the acquisition of various assets of Petro-Logic from the PSV Group. Establishment of Precision Brasil, Brazil

    2016: Dover completes acquisition of Tokheim’s dispenser and systems businesses. Today Tokheim, head-quartered in Dundee, UK, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fuel dispensing and automation equipment. With operations in many countries around the globe, Tokheim offers customers a complete range of fuel dispensers and pumps, retail automation systems, payment terminals, media devices, replacement parts, and upgrade kits.