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Manufacturing Facilities

Better quality all round

We pride ourselves on the quality of the products and systems we have produced for our customers for more than a century. Today, we have research and manufacturing centres across the world; however, our main plants for dispensers and systems are in Scotland, France, The Netherlands, India, and China. Below we have focused on our Dundee Manufacturing Centre, which is where the majority of our fuel dispensers are built and distributed from.

Dundee Manufacturing Centre

Tokheim Manufacturing

Dundee is known as a rugged heartland for UK manufacturing, making it the perfect location for Dover Fueling Solutions to produce its Tokheim line of high-quality products, built to last for years even in the toughest conditions. Our state-of-art 11,000 square metre manufacturing facility is home to our most experienced Tokheim engineers and manufacturing teams. Once your order is placed, these skilled engineers start work on your fuel dispenser, where meticulous attention to detail is paid towards every single component. Only after days of careful assembly and detailed testing do we dispatch the final dispenser, marked with our renowned Tokheim ‘Quality’ brand.

Printing and Powder Plant

Our manufacturing facility also has its own environmentally accredited paint and print facilities, facilitating customisable livery to satisfy your brand requirements. We have invested in the latest large format digital printing presses to ensure pixel-perfect designs for all of our customers.

Dispenser Production Lines

The dispensers we manufacture on our production lines each day depends entirely on customer orders. We use our version of ‘mass customisation’ to guarantee high-quality bespoke models that not only meet the latest industry standards but effectively exceed our customers’ requirements.

Meter Production

The meter is effectively the heart of any dispenser and accuracy is paramount. A variety of issues affect performance including meter drift, clogged filters, and difficulty coping with the latest biofuel products and additives; however, the Tokheim Quality Meter™ (TQM), has been carefully engineered to retain its precision over its complete lifetime. Through proven and reliable DFS technology all of our meters pass rigorous life and field text programmes, including a 12 million-litre duration text, before they are included as a key component in any of our dispensers.



At the ‘test bay’, we have an extensive list of parameters that our operatives measure each dispenser against. We test each part of the dispenser, electronically and hydraulically, to ensure it meets the highest industry MID standards for our customers. Each dispenser test takes into consideration customised choices, as well as country-specific safety requirements and weights and measures regulations. This process ensures that every Tokheim dispenser leaves the factory fully tested and verified, with all data electronically recorded for traceability.

Quality Control

Our dispensers are produced through various successive cells, each one performing a quality control against a stringent checklist before accepting the dispenser and moving onto the next stage of the process. These successive quality walls continue to ensure the high standards you’ve come to expect from Tokheim.

Audit & Packing

Before any Tokheim dispenser is dispatched from our production facility it’s submitted to a final audit, where all data is electronically recorded against the dispenser’s serial number for full traceability. Once complete all dispensers are carefully packaged and dispatched all over the world. It’s now time for them to start delivering for years to come.


Take a look inside DMC to see how we build our bespoke, quality fuel dispensers for customers around the world.