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Bespoke CNG Solutions from Tokheim


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27 February 2018 – Tokheim has been working closely with its partner Cirrus Compresseur to develop a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) dispenser with a new fuel grade option for the Tokheim Quantium™ fuel dispenser range.

In collaboration with the exclusive distributor for Tokheim products and solutions in France, Tokheim Services Group (“TSG”), the production and installation of the dispensers have been achieved within a challenging timeframe.

Following engagement between Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), TSG and key gas customers, a bespoke solution for CNG dispensers using the Tokheim Quantium 310 fuel dispenser chassis and the Tokheim World Wide Calculator™ (WWC) platform was demonstrated. The integration of the CNG pneumatic solution was coordinated with Cirrus Compresseur.

Due to Tokheim’s expertise and knowledge of the gas industry, the design of the Tokheim Quantium CNG fuel dispenser with the Tokheim CNG safety chair provides an efficient way to optimise the construction work-time, cost (with patented air vent), and, most importantly, improves safety.

We are also working closely with its sister company, OPW, to develop and install CNG hanging hardware components such as their new nozzle. It maintains the same innovative refuelling approach as with other Quantium fuel dispensers, and thanks to its ergonomic shape, it is a light and easy-to-use product.

At Tokheim, we strive to provide the most cost efficient and user-friendly installations, whilst maintaining a focus on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and safety. We can now provide solutions to CNG projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa regions with bespoke dispensers that integrate with the Tokheim Fuel POS® point-of-sale system and Tokheim Crypto VGA™ SlimTouch standalone payment terminals.

CNG dispenser are certified under the OIML R139 and a local submission to the authorities is required with the original certificates and tests reports. All documents are available in the commercial package.

For more information on CNG solutions from Tokheim, please contact your local sales representative.