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The Dover Fueling Solutions Engineering Summer Programme Class of 2017


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The Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) Engineering Summer Programme welcomed a new set of students to the Dundee Manufacturing Centre (DMC), located in Scotland UK, in June 2017. James Stein, Scott Hunter, Ayoola Oshodi and Scott Fyffe are all students at The University of Dundee studying Mechanical Engineering.

As part of DFS’s continued engagement with the local community, schools and universities, it has established a strong link with The University of Dundee, participating in the annual Problem Solving Industrialisation Visit (PSIV) programme, intake of summer interns and hiring of full-time graduates as part of our IMechE registered programme. This year’s summer programme allowed the interns to immerse themselves in the day-to-day working life of the DFS Engineers who focus on the continued design and innovation of products and solutions for Tokheim, part of DFS, including the world-renowned Quantium™ fuel dispensers.

Mike Gilbert, Engineering Manager at DFS, leads the programme at DMC. Mike said, “It is vital that we hire new talent with a solid education in the latest practices and technologies to ensure we are keeping an eye on the future. The programme is a demonstration of our commitment to this mindset.”

In the first weeks of the programme the four students talked about their initial experience within DFS and discussed their expectations. Read the article here. As their summer placement with DFS ends, Ayoola, Scott. H, Scott. F and James share thoughts of their time at DMC and what of the experience they will take forward as they begin the fourth year of their Engineering studies.

L to R: James Stein, Scott Hunter, Ayoola Oshodi, Scott Fyffe

Ayoola Oshodi

My 12-week placement has been very valuable to me as both an engineering student, and as someone who will be starting their career soon. I could use technical skills learnt throughout my academic years such as creating technical drawings, and use this to improve my problem solving and communication. Being frequently included in company meetings allowed me to see the inner-workings of the company and future-plans, which was very interesting, especially in regards to current changes to DMC.

I created technical documents for various tests I carried out, and have gained a lot of experience in engineering change processes, particularly in how large modern engineering companies carry out engineering changes to current designs – whether that be to benefit the workers in the factory who are assembling the parts or the customers who receive the end-product. I was familiarised with most of the other departments – not just Engineering – as I quickly learned hat for work to proceed efficiently, several departments have to be in communication with each other.

Towards the end of the placement we were given the task of improving a Hose Management System (HMS) testing area in one of the testing units. This was a project lead entirely by the students, and gave us the chance to gain a hands-on experience with project management, which will be a good transferable skill to have in future years.

Scott Hunter

Working at DFS has given me an insight into how a large-scale company in the manufacturing industry operates. I’ve learned a lot about the work of a design engineer as well as a lot about the varied environments of “real-world” workplaces, which were highlighted by DFS’s attitude towards employee engagement and continuous improvement.

The tools used by the engineering department and the factory will help me to approach problems with a much broader skill set, not just in my university work but any future jobs or opportunities too.

Scott Fyfe

I now have a greater understanding of how a company works and more specifically how design engineering is a constantly active job role as new designs are constructed every day including re-designs of already created products which conform to the specifications and customisations designated by the customer. This makes use of the engineering knowledge which I have gained throughout my career and education, and it has given me first-hand experience on where it is applied.

While working at DFS, I have also furthered my knowledge on areas outside my expertise as I have been given the opportunity to work on and discuss projects with employees from varying departments which should help me develop further in my career. This has also helped to develop not only my knowledge and understanding of the industry but also develop my personality to become a more outgoing individual as it has forced me to leave my comfort zone and gain new experience in an area that I have not previously had much involvement in.

James Stein

The experience and knowledge I have gained at DFS was a lot more than what I was expecting as this was my first job in engineering. I now have a better understanding of how engineering principles are applied in the real world which will benefit me with my final year project. The practical experience I have gained will give me a better understanding of the concepts I am learning at university. Having this opportunity has certainly given me a better idea of what I would like to do after my final year of studies. Overall, I would recommend to future students that DFS is a great place to work.


We wish Ayoola, Scott. F, James and Scott. H every success for the future, and thank them for their hard work, dedication and contribution they have made to DFS and Tokheim during their placement.


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