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Easy Fleet Re-Fuelling with the Tokheim Quantium™ 310 UHS Fuel Dispenser


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27 February 2018 – The ability to provide your customers with a fast and efficient re-fuelling experience remains a top priority for owners of retail stations. Outside of the retail segment, fleet companies must too provide a quick and streamlined customer experience, and they have called for fuelling solutions that can cater to the specific requirements of yachts, trains and industrial vehicles used in the mining and fishing industries.

Thanks to Tokheim’s innovative spirit and customer focused approach, we continue to explore new ways to diversify our product portfolio, seeking to grow the Tokheim Quantium fuel dispenser range to better cater to the ever-evolving market requirements.

The Tokheim Quantium 310 UHS (Ultra High Speed) fuel dispenser is a compact and robust fuel dispenser dedicated to serving the largest of fuel tanks for industrial vehicles with ease. With an impressive maximum flowrate of 200 litres per minute (lpm) the Quantium 310 UHS dispenser provides speedy throughput on the forecourt and is packed with the same high-quality global components included as standard on other trusted Quantium dispenser models. The reliable Tokheim Quality Pump – High Speed (TQP-HS), the electronic platform Tokheim Quality Calculator (TQC) and the proven Tokheim Quality Meter (TQM), certified up to 100 lpm, are just some of the robust components that assure the quality, performance and dependability of the Tokheim Quantium dispensers.

The purpose of the Quantium 310 UHS fuel dispenser is to align the fleet re-fuelling customer experience with that of retail re-fuelling, by optimising the ‘time-to-refuel’. Furthermore, the rigid mast-based hose retractor system with an impressive 4-metre hose reach makes it easy for customers to use. For the traditional forecourt equipped with a truck lane, the Quantium 310 UHS dispenser can be easily upgraded to considerably increase throughput and efficiency.

The Quantium 310 UHS fuel dispenser has already been installed in many countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

For more information on the Quantium 310 UHS fuel dispenser, contact your local sales representative.