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Fairbanks™ Station Manager 365 Online Web Portal – Reducing Queues on Forecourts


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28 March 2018 – The power of the Fairbanks Station Manager 365 online web portal comes from centralising and interpreting data from many sources. It can identify the strengths and weaknesses of an operation to give complete visibility and control by delivering accurate information straight to the user’s fingertips.

Recent advancements in technology have seen a rise in customer expectations – they want instant access to information presented in an uncomplicated manner. Fuel retailers now demand greater insight into consumer behaviour, pump activity, competitor pricing, margin management and historic sales trends. Station Manager 365 delivers all this and more, but it’s not only the retailers who can benefit from this intelligent software solution.

Forecourt service providers can take advantage of Station Manager 365’s ability to identify potential problems, such as slow nozzle flow rates, ensuring that they can carry out the necessary, preventative maintenance before it becomes an issue. Early indication that a filter needs replacing or cleaning will help to minimise dispenser downtime, drive fuel sales and improve the customer experience.

Pump maintenance contractors will benefit from the ‘Nozzle Usage’ report which details pump activity, highlighting any inactive pumps, showing the number of idle days and displaying the time they were last used. This invaluable information will help the contractors to react swiftly to problem pumps and therefore provide a better service to the forecourt owners.

Similarly, by understanding the volume dispensed by each nozzle, contractors can ensure that pumps are serviced at the appropriate time intervals which will help to reduce overheads and prolong the life of the units.

Future developments will see Station Manager 365 responding to diagnostic codes from the pump and relaying them directly to the maintenance centre before the forecourt owner is even aware of the problem, hence allowing contractors to resolve the issue promptly and increasing the guaranteed percentage uptime.

Finally, petroleum officers can gain access to service reports, compliance audits and risk assessments which are hosted on the system; easy access to documents such as these can help facilitate the swift  issuance of petroleum licences.

Station Manager 365 can help users gain a thorough understanding of equipment activity on the forecourt, take any necessary action to prevent problems occurring and, as a consequence, reduce queues on the forecourts.

For more information about Station Manager 365, contact your Regional Sales Manager or visit