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Instantic: SMS Authorization on Tokheim Fuel POS® Point-of-Sale System


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28 March 2018 – Introducing Instantic: the SMS authorisation payment method for fuel transactions. This advanced new function gives a consumer an option to fill their vehicle via SMS, a feature that is helpful in the event of a lost payment card or when a payment card cannot be used.

Once the end-user has created their free Instantic account, they can begin using the service to complete fuel payment transactions by activating a code sent to their mobile device by Instantic.

The main advantage of Instantic is that the solution works on simple traditional handsets and smartphones, making it a convenient and accessible feature for all users.

With the station owner in mind, Instantic is simple to install to and fast to configure with your Tokheim Crypto VGA media and payment display unit, offering maximum impact for little investment and almost zero downtime. By choosing Instantic, station owners benefit from:

  • Improved fraud prevention through additional payment securities
  • No fuel cards required as transaction is authorised via SMS
  • Instant systems reporting
  • Easy remote systems access to apply updates in real-time
  • Authorise/un-authorise drivers with just a few clicks across your station network
  • Reduced resources required for fuel purchase administration

Tokheim is currently running two successful Instantic pilots in Austria and Spain.

Available in the European market, Instantic cooperates with fuel stations and oil companies to enable Instantic SMS authorization on the Tokheim Fuel POS®. As interest in the technology continues to grow, it is expected that more stations will be configured with Instantic functionality throughout 2018.

For more information contact your Regional Sales Manager.