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A New Fuel Labelling Standard


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29 March 2018 – The new European Fuel Labelling Standard, with harmonized graphics symbols for liquid and gaseous fuels, will be reinforced in November this year. Standard EN 16942 has been developed to provide consumers with information on the compatibility between their vehicles and the fuels available in filling stations, as the diversity of fuels accessible to the consumers continue to increase.

The standard requires a fuel identification label to be placed in close proximity to the nozzle as well as on the nozzle itself. The format of these labels has been standardised to ensure clear identification of various fuel types across the European market.

The responsibility to comply with this new regulation is with the retailer, who will need to ensure that the correct label is in use on their sites. To help our customers comply with this new regulation, Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”) will introduce a kit containing the required fuel labels that will be delivered with every Tokheim Quantium fuel dispenser and include a standard set of labels for both the dispenser and nozzles. The kit will also be made available to order separately for dispensers already in the field.

The introduction of the kit is expected within the next month. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager.