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ProGauge Installs First 3D Laser Scan Automatic Tank Calibration Unit in Indonesia


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30 April 2018 – ProGauge, part of Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”), is pleased to announce that it has installed its first 3D Laser Scan Automatic Tank Calibration unit in Surabaya, a city on the Indonesian island of Java. The 3D laser scanner was purchased by PT Panji Perkasa, one of DFS’ valued Indonesian distributors. PT Panji Perkasa has high expectations in terms of offering the tank scanning and associated tank gauging solutions to the Indonesian market.

DFS has been working with PT Panji Perkasa since the initial transaction. During the week commencing 23rd April, DFS’ Fergus Heading, ProGauge Business Development and Product Manager has been providing technical training to the team at PT Panji Perkasa, educating them on the unique operational functionality of the laser scanner. The industry-leading solution uses state-of-the-art technology to accurately and quickly determine the exact volume of liquid in fuel tanks, producing a detailed representation of the inside of any underground tank, regardless of the presence of any flammable liquids or vapours. The 3D laser scanner is then able to automatically provide a precise strapping table, which once uploaded to the automatic tank gauge (“ATG”), provides an accurate and comprehensive reconciliation report of the fuel stock on site.

Edi Prasadia, owner of PT Panji Perkasa, stated that “Indonesia has a huge volume of aged tanks, many with inaccurate strapping charts. Our ability to scan the tanks will not only ensure improved environmental protection in our country, but will be a key enabler for PT Panji Perkasa selling Progauge’s ATG solutions to a market desperately in need of precise tank measurements.”

The Rest of Asia (“ROA”) team working under the direction of Chris Cooper, General Manager DFS ROA, will be providing local support and advice to PT Panji Perkasa as they embark on this new and exciting venture. The implementation of the 3D scanner in Indonesia re-confirms the increasing global demand for a quick, accurate and safe tank measurement solution.

For more information about the 3D Laser Scan Automatic Tank Calibration service, please contact your local Tokheim representative.