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Tokheim Fuel POS® Point-Of-Sale System Version 47 Now Available


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27 February 2018 – At the end of 2017, Tokheim Fuel POS® point-of-sale system version 47 was made available to the Tokheim network of over 150 distributors worldwide. This latest update combines recent customer requests and product improvements with the latest health, safety and regulatory changes.

New market requirements continue to arise thanks to the growing consumer demand for mobile payment solutions. The new features in the Tokheim Fuel POS continue to address these needs, allowing the evolving requirements of Tokheim customers to be met. Whilst Tokheim Fuel POS has long supported the increasingly popular contactless and mobile payment methods, the version 47 software features a special focus on, and improvements to, these functionalities.

The newly released software improves the mobile payment interface to allow the host to award an immediate discount for a filling started via a mobile phone app, creating a stronger integration between loyalty schemes and mobile payment. Additionally, version 47 includes a new feature that accepts pump selection by the consumer via their mobile phone app, even if it has been pre-released for self-service by the cashier. This modification improves cashier efficiency in the shop, and furthermore, ensures that sites do not need to implement operational staff changes to support mobile payment.

Tokheim Cloud Solutions, the cloud based mobile payment server, manages the entire transaction process and interacts with Tokheim Fuel POS. The mobile payment method delivers benefits to drivers as well as station owners, providing convenience and an optimum user experience while reducing the overall time taken for the fuelling and transaction process at the pump.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative.