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Tokheim launches new ProFleet website

New Tokheim ProFleet website is dedicated to the commercial fleet market


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Paris, France (8 Oct 2013) – Tokheim, one of the world’s largest suppliers of fuel retail and commercial fleet solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Tokheim ProFleet website as part of its global rebranding strategy. The new Tokheim ProFleet website gives an overview of all products and services relating to the commercial fleet marketplaces. News that is relevant to the commercial fleet sector will be regularly updated and customers operating in this sector can sign-up for a regular commercial fleet customer newsletter at the new website.

Kurt Dillen, General Manager of Systems and Electronic Business Unit, says, “We have invested heavily in commercial fleet in recent years to develop a range of scalable solutions that raise the standards of fuel management in this niche sector. It is important that we are able to share the exciting range of products and services we offer in a clear and innovative manner. The launch of our new website and the ongoing expansion of our Tokheim ProFleet support teams further demonstrates our commitment to the commercial fleet market.”

The Tokheim ProFleet website is now available in English and new languages sites will be added to the new site later this year. To visit the website directly, go to

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About Tokheim ProFleet

Tokheim ProFleet is part of the Tokheim Group S.A.S. Based in Paris, France, Tokheim Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers of fuel dispensing and automation equipment. With operations in many countries around the globe, Tokheim ProFleet offers customers a dedicated range of commercial fleet fuel dispensers and pumps, fuel management systems, security systems, vehicle identification systems, replacement parts and upgrade kits, and a full range of support services, including maintenance, service station construction and installation.