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Tokheim Strengthens Presence in South East Asia


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PARIS, France (27 Nov 2013) –Tokheim, a leading supplier of fuel retail solutions, confirms today that it has invested in Guardian Venture Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd, a company operating in the business of distribution, design, supply, service and maintenance for the fuel retailing and commercial sector in Malaysia.

Patrick Berthon, President of Tokheim, confirmed today in Kuala Lumpur that the investment made in Guardian Venture confirms Tokheim’s commitment to the oil companies in Malaysia by establishing a direct presence in the territory. Berthon said, “Malaysia has been identified as a growth priority for Tokheim and this investment enables the organisation to focus on achieving this objective. The company will now be able to offer a total solution including a range of service and maintenance packages as are currently provided to more than 40,000 service stations across Europe, Africa, China, India and Latin America. Tokheim will deliver the same the level of quality service to Malaysian clients as is provided today to the major, national and independent customers across the globe.”

Guardian Venture Oil & Gas Managing Director, Asgari Tun Fuad Stephens said, “I welcome our new partner and I believe that this will demonstrate that the Bumiputra company is progressive and is constantly pushing the boundaries to enhance its product offering and extend service capabilities to its customers.” Asgari Tun Fuad Stephens confirmed that, going forward, the company will be known as Tokheim Guardian Venture Sdn Bhd. Mahinda Vallipuram, Managing Director of KPS Fueling Solutions Sdn Bhd said, “KPS Fueling Solutions will continue to support and work closely with Tokheim Guardian Venture in Malaysia”.

The company has appointed Patrick Berthon, Ismail Md Isa and Arlina Abdul Majid as Directors. Ismail Md Isa, a well known and respected figure in Malaysia with over 25 years experience in the industry, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer.

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