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Tokheim’s Quantium dispensers selected for PTT’s retail network in Cambodia


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DUNDEE, Scotland, United Kingdom (21st March, 2016) – Tokheim, one of the world’s largest suppliers of fuel retailing solutions, is delighted to announce that PTT, Thailand’s leading oil company, has selected Tokheim’s Quantium dispenser range for its retail network in Cambodia.

PTT was founded in the wake of intense market competition and further demand for an increase in the role of the private sector in the energy industry over a decade ago. It has remained a state enterprise under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy, with former Energy Minister Mr Piyayasti Aranand currently holding the position of CEO. PTT’s group mission is “to conduct integrated energy and petrochemical business as the national energy company whilst ensuring this is balanced with delivering stakeholder satisfaction”.

Together with our Cambodian partner, MBA Engineering and Construction, Tokheim has installed the multiproduct Quantium dispensers in all new PTT sites over the last 2 years, a relationship that will continue to develop further with Tokheim now identified as a preferred supplier to PTT Cambodia.

Expansion plans to accelerate growth within Indochina have led PTT to set up local companies in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, with a view to develop more stations in the coming years and in turn increase their wider business footprint across the region.

Tokheim’s innovative dispenser range will facilitate and complement the high-end design of the new PTT sites in Cambodia. Each site will have between four and six dispensers, aligning with the current strategy to partner with mainstream restaurant brands with the view for PTT Cambodia sites to become the centre of new, lively high-end and high-volume traffic locations.

Such is the importance of PTT’s expansion plans in Indochina that PTT’s CEO Mr Piyavasti Aranand attended the Siem Reap site grand opening in Cambodia towards the end of 2015, marking the first attendance to such an event for the former Energy Minister.

This new agreement marks a significant step for Tokheim to be recognised and selected by a major player in the Asia Pacific region and not only strengthens Tokheim’s existing relationship with PTT, but also confirms and further develops its local presence across the market.

Click to view Tokheim’s Quantium Dispenser range.


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