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Quantium™ LPG fuel dispensers

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725 LPG 510 crypto version 2016

There are many LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) fuel dispensers available in the market and it can be daunting trying to select the right product for your business; however, our local sales representatives can help you choose the

right solution for your forecourt from a range of models. We aim to provide you with a safe, reliable and quality LPG dispenser that will have a reduced cost over the lifetime of the pump.

Dispenser Range

Our portfolio of LPG dispensers aims to provide you flexibility when it comes to the unique layout of your fuelling station. You can choose from a simple “box-shape” Q200T1 LPG dispenser up to the feature-rich “L-shape” Q510 LPG dispenser with either one or two nozzles. The nozzles can be island (on the side of the dispenser for use from both lanes) or lane oriented (on front of dispenser for use in a specific lane) depending on your needs.

Quantium 510 LPG dispenser

Our feature-rich Q510 LPG dispenser comes in a sleek “L-shape” design with a small footprint and a clean and simple hose retraction management system. You can choose it as a stand-alone product or combine it with our multiproduct dispensers (Q510 LPG combo). The modular design allows you to add features such as outdoor payment to help you provide your end-users with added flexibility.

355 LPG 510 crypto version 2016

355 head 2016 Quantium 210 LPG
Quantium 200T1 dispenser

The simple design yet robust performance of the Q200T1 LPG dispenser makes it ideal for both the retail and commercial fleet environments. The standalone gas pump comes with a spring mast hose for quick and easy refuelling. Nozzles boots can be either lane or island oriented depending on the layout of your site. Q200T1 LPG dispenser also has the option of being delivered as a payment ready product

LPG Components

Tokheim’s renowned LPG hydraulics are the result of years of combined work by our research teams and service engineers that operate directly in more than thirty countries worldwide. The components are designed to work for longer with a lower service intervention rate than other LPG dispensers in the marketplace. Our LPG products perform to an extremely high standard in the field over the lifetime of our dispenser.

Our Quantium LPG range includes a new gas separator with a bigger filter to catch mud and water; the 4-piston meter meets the toughest working conditions without a drop in performance. Unlike most welded gas separators in the marketplace, Tokheim LPG dispensers are uniquely equipped with cast-iron components.

This means that they require no further additional tests throughout their lifetime; unlike the majority of LPG dispensers that use welded containers and therefore need to be recertified up to every 4 years depending on local PED requirements.

Tokheim LPG dispensers can be easily upgraded at any time to provide a range of options such as a pre-set keypad or an emergency stop button. ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) is also available as an option to ensure you don’t lose out on gas sales through the expansion or contraction of your product. For added safety, we provide an LPG Hydraulic chair to ensure the performance of the shear valves if by chance there is any crash impact on your LPG dispensers.

Base Models*
  • Standard speed (40 l/min.)
  • LPG one- and two-hoses (linked to product model)
  • Combined hoses for unleaded products*
  • Multi-product dispenser with integrated LPG*
  • Gas separator equipped with a large filter to better clean the product without affecting the flow rate.
  • Lifting slots for safer installation

Flow rates depend on model, underground site layout, site altitude, ambient temperature and selected options.

*Only in countries where authorised / approved for use

Optional features
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Electronic calibration
  • Main safety switch
  • Programming switch
  • Preset functions via push buttons
  • Unit price display per product
  • Product indication lights
  • OPT lamps
  • Speaker (one way sound)
  • IR remote control compatible
  • Mechanical totalisers on meter
  • Anti-magnetic electro-mechanical totalisers (single and double-sided)
  • Wide range of LPG nozzle options (easily upgradable)
  • Wide range of LPG reusable breakaways options
  • Ground frame
  • LPG Hydraulic Chair for easier installation and improved security
  • Hose outlet island oriented
  • Safety relief valve
  • Low temperature kit
  • Payment-integrated solutions for a wide range of markets
  • Various stainless steel cladding solutions
  • Customised livery of complete dispenser
  • Fire and tilt detection
  • Media head with 17’’ VGA screen
  • Payment terminal available on Quantium 210 LPG and Quantium 510 LPG
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • 7-7-5 LCD display for Quantium 510 LPG
  • Nitrogen purge connection for inerting (removing gas) the dispenser in the safest manner

Only core features and options are listed. For more detailed information on available options, please contact your local Tokheim representative.

Environmental conditions
  • Ambient temperature: -25°C to +55°C
  • Cold climate: -40°C to +55°C (optional)
  • Temperature of fluid: -25°C to +25°C
  • Viscosity of fluid: < 10-4 m2/s
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%
  • Altitude: from sea level to 2000 m

As Tokheim regularly improves its products in line with evolving market and regulatory requirements, it reserves the right to change any of the specifications of these products without prior notice.