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Tokheim Quality Meter™ (TQM)

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Tokheim meter piston

The meter is effectively the heart of any dispenser and accuracy is paramount. A variety of issues affect performance including meter drift, clogged filters, and difficulty coping

with the latest biofuel products and additives; however, the Tokheim Quality Meter™ (TQM), has been carefully engineered to retain its precision over its complete lifetime.

Total quality in a meter

If a meter begins to drift, even by the smallest of margins, this can result in a large annual loss to a station; however, the typical drift associated with meters has been virtually eliminated with the TQM when tested across 12 million litres, or the lifetime of most meters. The TQM has the lowest drift characteristics of any meter available in the marketplace, having been tested and certified by Europe’s leading independent test body, NMi®. The overall result is a long-term saving to your service station and optimised throughput.

The robust design of the TQM ensures that it is suitable to work effectively and efficiently with a variety of fuel types, even in the harshest conditions. This is extremely important over the lifetime of your dispenser, as it leads to a reduction in clogged filters while resulting in increased uptime, throughput and higher, more accurate sales at the pump.

A lower lifetime cost

The TQM is a highly accurate meter that helps reduce fuel loss, but the overall savings do not stop there. To begin with, the TQM is the global standard meter for Tokheim so there are no additional costs, it comes as standard.

This robust meter is highly-capable in handling all fuel types, meaning it can use a standard 90-micron filter – a filter that does not get easily clogged up with dirt, requiring less service call outs over the dispensers’ lifetime. The TQM has also been engineered to handle all fuel types; therefore, it requires no additional software to help manage the dispensing of different products.

Finally, with improved accuracy and minimal drift, your meters will benefit from reduced intervention and calibration costs over their lifetime.


Testing & Certification: About NMi

The TQM has been tested and certified by NMi, one of Europe’s largest independent experts for testing, certifying, calibrating and training in the fields of metrology. The organisation has offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium. Manufacturers and end-users can rely on the worldwide acceptance of NMi measuring reports and certificates.