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Winter 2013 – Connect

Connect Newsletter from Tokheim - Tokheim awarded contract by Rontec in UK, 1st ever LPG dispenser with media installed by Tokheim, Le Mans 24 Hour Race and Tokheim involvement, plus more.


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Rontec selects Tokheim Fuel POS for its UK network

Tokheim is pleased to announce that Rontec has selected its Fuel POS solution for 125 sites in the UK. Rontec, which operates under the Esso brand, chose Tokheim’s point of sale solution to support the strategic growth of their business in England and Wales.


Rontec/ Esso Station in UK with Quantium dispensers.

Rontec identified a need for a new point of sale solution that was capable of managing all aspects of their fuel and convenience retail business. Fuel POS was chosen for a number of reasons including its modern, intuitive user interface, its depth of functionality, its ability to control other forecourt products, and its seamless integration with the web-based Tokheim Konnect head-office system.


250 Fuel POS to be installed in Rontec’s stores.

Doug Paton, Rontec’s IT Project Manager, says, “We selected Tokheim as our IT partner because of the strength of their technology with its future upgrade path, the Tokheim brand, their UK market position, and the fact that they were already a proven global supplier. With Tokheim Konnect particularly, we will have a future-proof head-office solution which we know will continue to evolve in line with the requirements of our business and the wider market.”

Adrian Beeby, Sales Director at Tokheim UK, says, “We are delighted to be working with Rontec on this exciting project. Over the last few months, we have worked closely with Rontec’s IT team in customising our solution to meet their specific requirements. Through Tokheim’s latest range of retail systems, we feel we are now offering customers in the UK the most advanced EPOS, back-office and head-office solutions. The award of this project demonstrates the trust that is placed not only in the quality and innovation of our systems but also in our dedicated IT teams that will help roll-out this project.”


Forecourt store at one of 125 Rontec sites in UK.

As part of the project the Rontec shops will benefit from a full colour VGA customer display at the POS to help further promote Rontec’s customer offer in the increasingly competitive UK fuel retail market. Tokheim will install 250+ Fuel POS systems over the next 10 weeks across Rontec’s entire network.


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First ever LPG dispenser with media installed in UK

Flogas is fast developing a name for innovation in the UK LPG dispensing market, increasing its installations across UK forecourts in 2013. Earlier this year, Tokheim and Flogas partnered on a project to install the UK’s first ever LPG dispenser with an integrated media display (model: Q510 LPG with TQC VGA).

Mark Clark, regional sales manager for FlogasBritain, says,  “The commercial case for Autogas LPG is growing ever more compelling, thanks to evidence highlighting that vehicles running on Autogas LPG boast lower carbon than petrol cars. Flogas is delighted to support such a pioneering project, which reinforces our already established reputation as an energy partner not just an LPG provider and which showcases just what an adaptable, future-friendly fuel LPG is.”

webMark Adrian Stacey copy

Pictured L-R: Mark Clark, FlogasBritain; Adrian Beeby, Tokheim; Stacey Davis, Impact FM.

The alternative fuels market is continuing its growth across Europe and the latest figures confirm that LPG – which currently powers almost 3% of the passenger car fleet in Europe – is the most widely used alternative fuel. There are approximately 12 million LPG vehicles worldwide, while projections in Europe alone estimate that LPG could meet us much as 10% of Europe’s passenger car fuel mix by the year 2020, or 23 million vehicles.

webMark and Adrian copy

Adrian Beeby, Tokheim UK Sales Director, says, “There has definitely been an increased level of discussion around LPG in the last 2 years. It’s an extremely cost-effective fuel, so an increasing number of drivers are purchasing or retrofitting LPG vehicles; this has led to an increased demand on the forecourts. The quality of the components and the range of solutions on offer have given us the edge in the UK LPG market. Our clients like that our Quantium LPG is truly modular – so they can add features like outdoor payment or in this case media to provide their end-users with added flexibility.”

In the UK there are some 1,400 LPG refuelling installations, making the fuel readily available across the country, with Flogas operating a 30% share of the Autogas market. Currently, cars powered by Flogas LPG are available directly from the showroom of more than 20 different vehicle manufacturers in Europe, offering drivers savings of up to 40% on their annual fuel bills.


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Ipiranga homologates Tokheim dispensers in Brazil

Ipiranga, one of Brazil’s largest oil companies, has approved Tokheim’s Quantium dispensers through Tokheim’s partner Precision Brasil.

Ipiranga Produtos de Petroleo, is the largest private fuel distribution company in Brazil with a network of almost 6,000 sites nationwide. The dispensers supplied to Ipiranga go through rigorous electronic and hydraulic testing to ensure onsite future reliability. Additional HSSE related environments are also simulated such as hose breakages and fire.

Quantium 410.

Quantium 410.


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TQC calculator approved in Mexico

Tokheim’s global calculator platform the TQC has now been certified for use in Mexico. Mexican authorities issued new regulations for dispensers – the so called “norm 185” – that required certification. The TQC software was enhanced to support the required functionality including special diagnostics for weights and measures (W&M).

Earlier this year, Cenam inspectors (Mexican W&M) visited the TQC development team in Bladel to review the development process, software version control and run the applicable W&M validation tests. After the review process, the Cenam inspectors were fully satisfied with the TQC platform and confirmed the certification of the calculator for use in Mexico.

webTokheim Dundee 500

The TQC is a highly intelligent and reliable calculator that utilises the latest technology in terms of communication and performance.


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Dispensers and systems showcased in Brazil


Teams from Tokheim and Precision Brasil on the stand at “Expopostos & Conveniência” trade fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Precision Brasil, a partner of Tokheim in South America, showcased its latest solutions at the “Expopostos & Conveniência” trade fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a rapidly developing market of more than 36,000 service stations, Precision Brasil has been expanding its client base since its launch in October 2012. The event provided an opportunity to meet the leading decision makers in the service station and convenience store sectors not only in Brazil, but also across Latin America.


Precision Brasil stand at the trade fair in Sao Paulo.

Precision Brasil’s team demonstrated a number of fuel dispensers at the show including a range of Quantium dispensers that share the same global meter, pump and calculator platforms of Tokheim’s renowned suite of fuel dispensers. Additional systems and tank level gauges were also demonstrated at the event, and indepth presentations were delivered about supporting service and maintenance solutions that are provided in Brazil.


A range of Quantium dispensers were showcased in Sao Paulo.


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Eurowag selects Tokheim for its unmanned sites


Truck stop equipped with Quantium 510 dispensers.

Tokheim is proud to announce that Eurowag, a leading European fleet fuel card provider, has chosen Tokheim to supply dispensers, payment and CCTV solutions for their new unmanned sites in Poland. Tokheim has provided a complete unmanned solution to Eurowag.


Eurowag unmanned station in Poland.

The stations have been equipped with Tokheim Quanium 510 dispensers, Crypto payment solutions, a Fuel Homebase and the Tokheim EYE security solution.


Tokheim Quantium 510 AdBlue dispenser (right) and Crypto payment terminal (left).

The Q510 dispensers come with a master/slave configuration offering Eurowag drivers additional flexibly when dispensing Diesel, AbBlue and Bio Diesel across two lanes to fill tanks on both sides of their vehicles. Using the Tokheim Fuel Homebase and Crypto payment solution the customer not only has a reliable and easy to use terminal but also a fast and secure payment interface.


Lanes of Quantium 510 dispensers.

Tokheim has also provided an innovative solution to Eurowag via its Tokheim EYE security solution. The specialist CCTV system integrates to the Eurowag customer web site so that end users can not only look at the fuelling transaction online but also request a video clip of the transaction by clicking on the video icon.


Dome camera system for Tokheim EYE at Eurowag station.


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New global websites launched

Tokheim is pleased to announce that it has launched a number of new Sales and Service Division (SSD) websites, bringing its total to 8 country specific sites. Alongside its global website in English and French, local country websites are now live Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia, Ireland and Brazil.

webTokheim new countries website

David MacHale, Tokheim Group Marketing Communications Manager, says, “Tokheim has by far the largest network of SSD’s across the globe. We aim to be close to our customers wherever they operate in the world with more than 5,500 Tokheim staff supporting our clients to find solutions for their businesses. One of the ways we can communicate locally is through our new SSD websites. These digital platforms give the local markets detailed descriptions of what we offer in each country in their local languages as well as providing news and insight that is relevant to their unique marketplaces. We would encourage all those interested in seeing our new sites to visit and choose from the country select bar at the top of the page.”


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24 Hours in Le Mans. Let’s Go!

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the world’s oldest active sports car endurance race. Race teams have to balance speed against the cars’ ability to run for 24 hours and, crucially, they have to manage their fuel to the last drop. Since 1955, Tokheim has supplied fuel dispensing and storage solutions to world renowned Bugatti Circuit. Some of the biggest names in the auto-industry – including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot and Ferrari – have stormed to victory utilising Tokheim’s refuelling solutions.


Tokheim has been a supplier of fuel dispensing and storage solutions to Bugatti Circuit.

It’s not always been about the cars though, legendary drivers such as Graham Hill and Mario Andretti, and Hollywood icons Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, have raced here. Today, it still attracts talented drivers such as Nick Heidfeld, former Lotus F1 driver, and stars such as Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy.


Car being refuelled during Le Mans race.

The preparation of Tokheim’s equipment begins after winter, well in advance of the new season. 8 huge tanks, consisting of 56 compartments supply 225,000 litres of fuel during the race. At Le Mans the unique conditions of an endurance race means that a pitstop requires more focus on wear and tear as well as fuel. The average time it takes to complete is around 35 seconds, adding 10 seconds or so when there is a driver change. Fuel is dispensed at speed using 50 litre “air tanks” which are rested on suspended pedestals and allow the fuel to be dispensed by a gravitational fuelling method. There are a total of 80 “air tanks” across the pitlanes. Flexible couplings are connected to the distribution system and ensure a faster and safer fuelling experience for the pitstop crews.


Car refuelling at Aston Martin pitstop.

It is not just the competing teams who have their endurance tested. The 24-hour race requires assistance from Tokheim engineers both day and night throughout the duration of the competition. Two Tokheim support teams are present to provide technical assistance around the clock. These two teams are on hand via a hotline and take alternative rest phases. The team manages the pump controls and fuel tank levels throughout the race itself and provide technical solutions if there are any anomalies with refuelling equipment at the pitstop area. This year 245,000 spectators watched Audi take the victory at Le Mans, supported by Tokheim fuelling solutions.

Tokheim and Le Mans history:

1955 to present: A variety of Tokheim service brands have been involved in the maintenance and support at events.

1954: First common fuel stop facilities developed: pipeline system with gravity and distribution to each stand with shut-off valve.


Steve McQueen in “Le Mans” (1971)

1955: Tokheim (Boutillon) commission system with mechanical counter, hose and nozzle.

From 1965: First appearance of refuelling system called ” coupline ” system usually used to fill aircraft and helicopters.

1968-1970: Unique system developed; filling coupling with overflow valve.

1991 to present: new stands, new fuel distribution. Each stand has its own distribution. This system is equipped with an underground tank with a traditional electric pump unit. Over the years, safety mechanisms have been further developed through automatic cutouts with safety sensors and position controls.


Tokheim sponsored race in the past.


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Olerex’s innovative approach to fuel dispensing in Estonia

From the re-establishing of the independent state in 1991, Estonia has quickly become a recognised innovator in the field of fuel dispensing with progressive companies like Olerex leading the way. Established just three years after the country regained its independence, today Olerex is one of the oldest and largest fuel retailers in the country. The company selected Tokheim’s Quantium range to help deliver innovative and reliable fuel dispensing solutions for its 47 sites including ten unmanned stations.


Olerex station Estonia with Quantium AdBlue combo and MPD’s.

Antti Moppel, Marketing Director of Olerex, explained that although they operate in a relatively small market they needed to differentiate their offering from the large multinationals operating there. Antti says, “We are the largest independent Estonian fuel retail company. As such we support the local community through various charity initiatives and sponsorship programmes.


Antti Moppel, Olerex Marketing Director

Olerex has a strong sense of tradition but we have also led the way in terms of innovation over the last two decades; the first to install forecourt LED lighting, and as our latest innovation, the first to establish a loyalty bonus scheme based on local ID cards, for example. We selected Tokheim’s Quantium dispensers more than 5-years ago to help support our strategy of offering customers a variety of fuel types combined with the reliability and speed of service you would expect from Tokheim’s pumps. The innovation and flexibility of the Quantium range has been a perfect fit for our business.”


High-speed Quantium 310 pump

Olerex has installed Tokheim’s Q510 multiproduct dispensers at the most of their latest developments across its network for faster throughput on its busy retail sites. The high-speed Q310 and Q210 dispensers have been installed on separate islands for its truck stops. In 2012, the first combined dispenser of high-speed diesel fuel and AdBlue for trucks was installed, which was well received by the transport companies.

However, according to Antti it is not just the quality of the products that have been one of the major reasons to choose Tokheim as its partner. He says, “We have had great support from our local service provider and Tokheim HQ throughout our expansion over the last number of years. More generally, even though we are a minor player in a global sense, we feel that we are treated like an equal partner to Tokheim.”


Tokheim Quantium 510 multi-product dispenser

Antti says that Olerex will continue to develop new and innovative solutions for the Estonian marketplace. Later this year the business will open two new sites with Quantium 510 dispensers with fully integrated media and payment options. He explains, “We wish to promote our other fuels such as AdBlue and our shop items through the integrated media screens. Improved customer service continues to be the end goal through our investment in new technology; and with Tokheim’s payment solutions we expect faster, more secure throughput on our sites. We’re really looking forward to exciting times ahead for the business. Our first Tokheim dispensers, purchased back in 1996, are still in good shape and continue to serve our customers”.


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Rollout of the Shell GSSP complete in the Netherlands

Tokheim is proud to announce that the deployment for the Shell Global Site Systems Programme (GSSP) is now complete in the Netherlands. Selected by Shell as a one of the global suppliers implementing the GSSP, Tokheim installed payment and systems terminals across 287 Shell sites over the course of just six months. As part of the project, Tokheim supplied Fuel POS software with indoor payment terminals, Cypto VGA outdoor payment terminals, and eCIS, a forecourt controller with an electronic payment server.

Tokheim payment and systems terminals installed at 287 Shell sites in the Netherlands.

Tokheim payment and systems terminals installed at 287 Shell sites in the Netherlands.

Frans Somers, Tokheim Netherlands Sales Manager, says, “This was a large scale project that was successfully completed through the commitment of support teams from Shell and Tokheim. Due to the efforts of those involved the roll-out was completed on time and all installations were carried out on the dates specified in the agreement. The completion of the GSSP demonstrates Tokheim’s ability to successfully project manage international systems and payment projects for major oil companies. We would like to thank all those that contributed to the programme’s success.”

Facts and Figures:

–       Systems deployed on 287 Shell stations in Netherlands

–        Including 60 large motorway sites

–       In total more then 500 systems installed

–       Roll-out start date March 26 2013, completed September 19.


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New Tokheim ProFleet website goes live

A new Tokheim ProFleet website was launched in October as part of Tokheim’s global rebranding strategy. The new Tokheim ProFleet website gives an overview of all products and services relating to the commercial fleet marketplaces. News that is relevant to the commercial fleet sector will be regularly updated and customers operating in this sector can sign-up for a regular commercial fleet customer newsletter at the new website.


Kurt Dillen, General Manager of Systems and Electronic Business Unit, says, “We have invested heavily in commercial fleet in recent years to develop a range of scalable solutions that raise the standards of fuel management in this niche sector. It is important that we are able to share the exciting range of products and services we offer in a clear and innovative manner. The launch of our new website and the ongoing expansion of our Tokheim ProFleet support teams further demonstrates our commitment to the commercial fleet market.”

The Tokheim ProFleet website is now available in English and German, and new languages sites will be added to the new site later this year. To visit the website directly, go to


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Tokheim ProFleet installation for Peugeot

Peugeot SA (PSA), Europe’s second largest car manufacturer, selected Tokheim ProFleet to produce and install storage facilities and fuel distribution equipment at its famous manufacturing site in Mulhouse, France. Employing 8,500 staff and covering a giant 320 hectares of land, the Mulhouse plant produces around 320,000 vehicles per year. The project with Tokheim is part of a new unit designed to effectively control vehicle emissions of Peugeot and Citroen cars produced at the plant.


Tokheim equipment at Peugeot manufacturing site in France.

Testing is carried out on 400 vehicles by PSA at any one time for vehicles destined for use across Europe and North Africa. Each vehicle tank is fuelled via Tokheim dispensers ensuring the various environmental standards are met for each individual country. The newly constructed fuel dispensing site is located in close proximity to the test area and consists of a number of commercial solutions from Tokheim ProFleet.


Tokheim Quantium 510 dispenser (centre), Tyre Inflator TIE (right), DiaLOG fuel management system (left).

A double-sided, commercial, multiproduct Quantium 510 dispenser is installed beside two Quantium 210 high-speed dispensers. These pumps dispense a variety of fuels including E85, E100, PSA5, and PSA10. Two DiaLOG fuel management systems – one on each island – ensure effective fuel management as well as delivery of localized, special product.


Tokheim Quantium 210 high-speed dispensers (left); DiaLOG fuel management system (right).

After the completion of the ProFleet project, Tokheim was subsequently awarded the installation of a unique AdBlue® distribution and storage solution at the Mulhouse site. This unusual, yet effective system sees Tokheim AdBlue® distribution points directly feeding vehicles on the production line. The solution is made up of 350ml piping, stainless steel 304L pipe 2” through the building, 3 Mouvex pumps with stainless steel body (one for the dump function of the network to the storage tanks ) and 22 stainless steel filter screens.

webad-blue-in-the-building (1)

AdBlue® distribution and storage solution at the Mulhouse site.


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New full colour customer display for Fuel POS

As from Fuel POS release 33, Tokheim launches a full colour 8.4 inch VGA customer display. The new VGA screen offers additional information to the customer and provides a richer user experience. Designed in line with the latest Fuel POS user-interface it provides a powerful communication tool for service station managers.

The display screen can be customised to display the customer logo on the screen to help improve brand management. To help boost sales, 100 characters of an advertising scroll bar can be configured via eMIS or a back office interface. This cost-effective 8.4-inch display is powered via a USB connection and so no additional power adaptor is required. In the next phase of development it will be possible to deliver powerful instore advertising and promotion campaigns via the display at the point of sale.

webFuel POS display

8.4-inch full colour customer display.


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Securing Cash through the Crypto BNA

webTokheim 851

Locks and sensors certified to an EN1300 level.

Launched at last years Automechanika event the Crypto BNA, an outdoor payment solution that accepts bank notes, has now been installed across six European countries. Customer feedback has been extremely positive in relation to transaction speed, the reliability of the platform and in particular the security performance of the solution.

To begin with, the product is based on the highly secure Crypto VGA platform; complete with a variety of anti-fraud and anti-tamper devices. A complete overhaul of the safe housing design ensures that bank notes are stored in a more secure unit. Equipped with the latest sensor and alarm technology the safe body, doors and locks are certified to an EN1300 level. Since the launch of the new solution in 2012, 0% of the Crypto BNA safes have been infiltrated.

Depending on customer requirements the Crypto BNA comes either as a single-sided or double-sided solution. A removable stacker box holds up to 1000 bank notes. The single-sided solution comes with a money bag or banknote stacker while the double sided option comes with a money bag option only. The innovative design accepts up to 12 bank notes formats, plus fuel/credit/debit cards and RFID payment.
The Crypto BNA’s integrated receipt printer allows clients to provide their customers with refund vouchers – if the amount dispensed is less than that paid for (e.g. tank is full) – that can be used for future fuel purchases.


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Repsol awards Tokheim Spain for safety

For the second year running, Tokheim Spain has received a safety award from Repsol. Tokheim was awarded first prize for the safety improvements implemented during 2012.

José María de Lara, Repsol Account Manager, says, “HSSE is a fundamental part of our work. We are proud to win this award as it demonstrates the commitment of all our employees to this key objective.”

webRepsol award Spain

HSSE award for Tokheim Iberica.


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We will be delighted to welcome you, our customers, on our stand at the following industry event:

Solutrans, Lyon, France:  19-23 November 2013 (ProFleet)

In the recent weeks, Tokheim attended various shows and exhibitions where we showcased the latest solutions, including products for both the fuel retail and commercial fleet industries .


Oil & non oil, Fuel Storage & Transport exhibition, 9-10 October in Rome, Italy

webAutocomplex 23-25 Oct

Tokheim at Autocomplex, 23-25 October in Moscow, Russia


NUFAM, Trade fair for commercial vehicles, 26-29 September in Karlsruhe, Germany


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