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Dover Fueling Solutions brand ProGauge is your one-stop shop when it comes to fuel measurement. Established in 1993, ProGauge is now considered to be one of the leading providers of automatic tank gauge solutions, including a variety of magnetostrictive tank probes (wired and wireless), consoles, and related software to measure and monitor fuel levels. Additionally, the increasingly popular 3D laser tank calibration service uses state-of-the-art technology to maintain tank gauge accuracy. When combined with its sister brand OPW Fuel Management Systems, the offer increases to include an extended family of automatic tank gauge solutions, density and phase separation detection and tank truck applications, giving customers even more options to support their commercial and retail fuelling needs.

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A flexible range of probes
Wireless probe options


Wireless ATG probe

ProGauge offers service station customers a flexible range of intrinsically safe probes, manufactured in rigid stainless steel, for a durable, long-lasting and quality solution. Utilising magnetostrictive technology, ProGauge probes are highly accurate and available in a range of size, from 500mm – 5500 mm. What’s more, these probes are suitable for all fuel types, including LPG and AdBlue®.

ProGauge’s latest wireless probes use innovative technology for improved reliability and reduced interference. The easy installation of these wireless probes and antennas eliminates the need to dig up a site to install wiring, reducing associated costs.

Maglink LX consoles
ATEX approved hybrids


When it comes to choosing a console, ProGauge has a wide variety of options to select from. The ProGauge MagLink LX is the leading console in the range, offering flexible and industry-standard features and functions. Using a Linux operating system, the console can manage from 1 to 32 wired or wireless probes. Because the MagLink LX operates using a web-based server, remote fuel management and connectivity is supported by any web-enabled PC or tablet.

Not all service stations require a console to connect to their probes. The ProGauge ATEX-approved XMT hybrid probe/console offers an effective solution for managing wetstock. Enclosed in a rigid and robust stainless steel shaft, this product can be used with all fuel types, including LPG and AdBlue®. Remote configuration and off-site diagnostics ensure you get the most from your data.

Quality manufacturing, proven certifications


All of Dover Fueling Solutions’ wetstock products are meticulously designed, tested and manufactured to the highest standards. Our manufacturing centres are certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

  • Production quality assurance notification issued by CESI
  • EMC/CE compliance
  • Certificate of conformity issued by PRIMA RICERCA laboratory
  • OIML Metrological certificate of conformity issued by CMI (Czech Metrology Institute)
  • EC-TYPE examination certificate related to several devices and the integrated system issued by CESI, INERIS, CEC.
Global support and expertise

We know that getting the most out of your wetstock systems requires ongoing support. With more than 25 years experience in tank level gauging, we have direct, local service and dedicated support personnel around the world. Additionally, our tank level gauges and probes integrate directly with a variety of Dover Fueling Solutions’ Tokheim-branded products, such as the Tokheim Fuel POS. Together with sister brand Fairbanks, ProGauge can offer a complete wetstock monitoring solution.

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