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Spring 2013 – Connect


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Message from CEO

BDLT CEOThe current economic situation is putting pressure on the fuel retail industry, with lower volumes and thinner margins. In this environment, Tokheim’s mission is more than ever to provide our customers with the best solutions to manage their networks efficiently: solutions that help drive more revenue, reduce cost, improve return on investment. This implies that we remain on our quest to always improve quality, cost and efficiency across the board, as guarantees of a lower “total cost of ownership” and in parallel, that we remain committed to invest in R&D and bring innovation that creates real value. Our unique global offering, “from cradle to grave”, from construction to decommissioning of a station and all the stages in between, gives us the ability to continually develop the expertise and synergies that fulfil these promises. Recent contracts awarded to Tokheim, in Dispensers, Systems and Automation and supporting Services – including Fairbanks’ fuel management solutions (double the number of stations now monitored compared to this time last year) – are clear evidence that we keep our commitments and retain the confidence of our customers and partners.

This economic crisis and challenging environment is also a strong incentive to bring our solutions to more customers and more geographies. Over the last several months, we have taken some important steps to extend Tokheim’s footprint and reach beyond our core markets: In South Africa, Tokheim is back thanks to the acquisition of Petrologic’s assets, with a clear commitment to offer the full scope of our products and services in this promising country. In Brazil, we are building our new factory and preparing to offer our state of the art dispensers to customers locally and across Latin America. In today’s world, we are very much like our customers: One eye on cost and efficiency, one eye on the opportunities and growth.

I take this opportunity to thank all our staff for their continued commitment and determination in delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients. I would also like to thank all our customers and partners for their ongoing support.

We all at Tokheim wish you and your families a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Baudouin de la Tour, CEO


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Tokheim’s OASE achieves full PCI DSS Compliance

Tokheim has announced that it is now PCI DSS certified for its OASE payment gateway service. This certification has been awarded subsequent to a comprehensive audit that took place in September. Tokheim’s Online Authorisation and Switching Environment (OASE), facilitates fuel and bank card payments in a fuel retail environment, and it currently processes more than 300 million transactions per year.


PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is in place to proactively support organisations to protect their customer account data.

Peter Van Nauw, System’s Product Marketing Director at Tokheim, says, “This is another important certification that Tokheim has achieved after a focused implementation process that has been ongoing for more than two years. Validating compliance with the PCI DSS demonstrates Tokheim’s commitment to help ensure our customer’s information is protected. Achieving the PCI DSS certification also demonstrates Tokheim’s longer-term commitment to future-proofing our comprehensive payment solution based on Fuel POS, the Crypto VGA outdoor and Crypto IPT indoor payment terminals and OASE.”


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Tokheim Group announces new partnership in Brazil

Tokheim is proud to announce that it will participate in and partner with Precision Brasil to manufacture and assemble fuel dispensers at the company’s new, state-of-the-art, facilities in Sao Paulo. The fuel dispensers have been designed specifically for the unique requirements of the Central and South American markets. These dispenser products will extend the established Quantium range to new markets and will include Tokheim’s innovative technology and components, primarily the industry leading TQM piston meter and the best-of-breed TQC calculator. In parallel, Precision Service will offer installation, service, maintenance, and project management solutions in Brazil.

Precision Brasil

Patrick Berthon, President of Tokheim, says, “This for us is part of a continued strategic commitment and re-affirms our position to deliver our quality products and services globally to the fuel retail industry. In Precision Brasil, we have a very strong and experienced management team in place, and working closely together we will share the existing Tokheim expertise and technology to deliver best in class products to the region. The new production facilities are impressive; the dispensers assembled and produced there will be manufactured to the same high standards that customers have come to expect from Tokheim over the years”.

Manoel Gramignolli, General Manager of Precision Brasil, says, “We are very pleased to be working in close co-operation with Tokheim, who are renowned for their commitment to quality. The dispensers we will be producing at our new plant will utilise Tokheim’s technology and innovation. The global components, that are proven to work in variable conditions worldwide, will bring great benefit to our clients in Brazil and across Central and South America. There has been an extensive amount of planning and preparation up until this point and we are excited to now progress on the road ahead.”


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Developing the Service Business Unit. Interview with Antoine Soulier

Over the last decade Tokheim has grown to become the world’s largest direct service provider to the fuel retail sector. In the summer of 2012 the company set about creating a new dedicated Service Business Unit to help bring greater efficiencies and benefits to our customers around the world. Antoine Soulier was appointed as General Manager of the Service Business Unit and since then he has been busy implementing new initiatives and changes across the business.

Antoine Soulier

Tell us about your background prior to joining Tokheim.

Originally from Normandy, I grew up and studied in Paris and in Rouen, Normandy. I started my career with Elf Aquitaine as a management accountant for the UK in 1993. The UK fuels market is of course a very competitive market, which in turn meant that we needed to be very dynamic in our approach. This not only made the work interesting but it was a steep learning curve. In 1998 I joined the BP trading division, with responsibility for buying crude oil for the European refineries. I worked with BP for 14 years where I was involved in a number of roles and projects in refining, supply, commercial, and retail divisions in London and Paris.

Working for a major oil company, did you ever have any previous experiences in working with Tokheim?

The first time I got to know Tokheim was when I was in charge of the BP retail network in France. The majority of the dispensers across the network were Tokheim and they also supplied the maintenance services. To be honest I remember being relatively impressed by the geographic scope that Tokheim was able to cover, and the fast and professional service I received from their technicians. I remember a specific project I was involved in where we needed help in developing a new type of dispenser prior to the introduction of Super-ethanol in France. Tokheim was the first of our manufacturers to respond and find a solution for us – I was delighted with the speed of reaction. Of course at the time I did not know I was going to join them a few years later…

How important is the service element to a company like Tokheim?

Service is one of the pillars of the Tokheim strategy, alongside Dispensers, Systems and Project Management. I believe in the “One-stop-Shop” strategy, because it helps to meet the most important needs of our customers. It undoubtedly makes us different from our competitors in the market. Being close to our customers, analysing how our products as well as third-party products behave in the field over a long period of time helps us improve not only the quality of service but it helps us to improve upon the quality of the products we manufacture. The service offering is of real strategic importance to Tokheim; it makes up a large percentage of our turnover, and it has the potential to grow.

Since the summer, I have also taken over the responsibility for HSSE. After 15 years working within major oil companies, HSSE has become part of my DNA, and I am happy and proud to be involved in supporting and shaping our HSSE policy for Tokheim.

Service and Repair Tokheim

What are your main priorities and what kind of projects will you be involved in?

Tokheim provides services at a local level through the Sales and Service Divisions (SSD’s) covering 33 countries worldwide. I am focusing on synergies that can be delivered at Group level, by working together more closely as one company, across SSDs and with Manufacturing and System divisions. We’ll be looking at coordinating our purchasing to help leverage the scale of the Tokheim Group. We will also be looking at optimising the inventories of spare parts across Europe. All of this will have added benefits to our customers to ensure they will have the parts quickly available for their sites. Last but not least, the use of technology and intelligent information is changing the way we work and provide maintenance service to our customers: I want to make sure we lead the market in this area.

I will continue to facilitate the sharing and build upon good practices that exist in the various service organisations, in order to help us progress. Our business is continuously getting more difficult in mature markets like Europe, so it is clear that we always need to improve our operations to remain competitive. Over the last few months I have visited many countries. Our SSDs have developed a high level of customer service, lean operations and efficient logistics, while attracting skilled and motivated technicians. We have begun benchmarking and sharing these practices. Finally, I am very excited about the opportunities we now have in new geographic areas like Latin America, as well as the new solutions we are providing to customers. I have also been working closely with Fairbanks in the UK, to help develop this very unique and exciting wet stock management control solution; I will be helping them to expand to other markets as well as developing new customer relationships in this area.

The development of the new Service Business Unit is a firm commitment from Tokheim to help expand and improve our service offering. I am convinced that the projects that are now underway will see all our customers benefit – be they local independent businesses or major oil companies where I began my journey almost 20 years ago.


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Tokheim back in South Africa

Tokheim is delighted to announce that it is back in South Africa thanks to the acquisition of various assets of Petro-Logic from the PSV Group. Tokheim South Africa will continue to operate from the head-office in Johannesburg, and three major hubs in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

South Africa

Chris Kirstein, Managing Director of Petro-Logic, says, “We are very excited to become a part of the Tokheim Group and look forward to delivering the wider benefits this will bring to our customers on innovation, technology and industry best practice.”

Paul Pedeprat, General Manager, Tokheim IAME Region, says, “Tokheim is very pleased to be back in South Africa. Petro-Logic has a long track record of high quality equipment and professional maintenance services across the country. They have been a special partner to Tokheim and we are very happy to now be re-establishing a direct operation in South Africa.”


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Iper turnkey project completed in Italy

Tokheim Italy has completed an impressive turnkey project for Iper, one of Italy’s largest hypermarket chains. Tokheim project managed the construction of the site and installation of products at Iper Station Brembate, which is situated northeast of Milan. Tokheim will also provide service and maintenance in the future.

Iper Turnkey construction

The site benefits from a range of Quantium 510 dispensers with all-in-one integrated 17-inch media and calculator displays (TQC-VGA). At the heart of the site is the industry-renowned Fuel POS retail system that fully integrates with the Tokheim supplied security solution. Outdoor payment is handled via a number of double-sided Crypto VGA bank note acceptor terminals.

Alessandro Penna, Independent & Hypermarket Sales Manager Tokheim Italy, says, “We are very proud of the project completed for Iper. It demonstrates Tokheim’s expertise and ability to deliver complex turnkey projects for our clients. The site benefits from our total solutions package: Dispensers, Systems, Project Management and Service. This has undoubtedly ensured a better return on investment for our customer.”

Iper 2


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More than 1,500 customers attend Tokheim Roadshow

Tokheim Spain Roadshow

Tokheim Iberica completed its successful four-week roadshow at the end of 2013, an event which attracted more than 1,500 Spanish & Portuguese customers. The show’s primary focus was on helping service station owners and operators reduce costs and to discover new ways in which to maximise sales turnover. More than twenty speakers, including representatives from Tokheim, took part in presentations at 14 different locations across Spain and Portugal. The final stop of the tour was Alcala de Henares (Madrid) where more than 150 people attended presentations, discussions, and product demonstrations.

Tokheim Iberica

A number of subjects were covered including energy efficiency, illumination led systems, vapour recovery, secure payment, wet stock management and tank maintenance. Tokheim showcased a number of its newest solutions including the latest versions of Fuel POS and Crypto VGA; wetstock monitoring solutions from Fairbanks plus the new site security solution, Tokheim EYE. The successful roadshow received praise from the President of the Spanish Associated Service Stations, Javier Bru Rodriguez, who congratulated Tokheim and the other participants for presenting a range of ideas to the sector and said, “Thank you Tokheim for these innovative conferences. This was a quality initiative that will help maximise the revenue of our service stations.”


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Tokheim supplies EV Charger solutions to La Poste and Intermarche

Tokheim is proud to announce that it has supplied its electrical vehicle charging solution to France’s national postal service, La Poste, as well as installing systems at Intermarche supermarket sites.

Tokheim electrical vehicle charger EV

A number of Tokheim EV Chargers have been successfully installed at La Poste’s Chanteloup-les-Vignes site north west of Paris. The accelerated system provides a full battery recharge from between 1-8 hours depending on the vehicles’ battery. La Poste has more than 87,000 vehicles in service, making it the largest fleet in France and one of the largest fleets in Europe. La Poste’s objective is to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% per household served and grow to 10,000 electrical vehicles by 2015. Tokheim has also started to roll-out its EV Chargers across hypermarket sites including several for Intermarche. These electrical vehicle chargers require a small payment for an accelerated charge.

EV Charger Grid Paris



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Tokheim partners with Cirrus to offer a complete CNG solution

Tokheim is set to release a new Quantium 310 CNG dispenser in the first quarter of 2013 in partnership with Cirrus. The compressed natural gas (CNG) dispenser uses state-of-the-art components including Tokheim’s renowned global calculator. Cirrus, who have over 15 years established themselves as a leading provider and successfully completed hundreds of CNG installations, will partner with Tokheim to offer retail and commercial customer solutions for light and heavy vehicles. Clients can choose from a range of proven compressor configurations that integrate seamlessly with Tokheim systems solutions such as Fuel POS for retail service station sites and DiaLOG for commercial fleet stations. For more information on CNG or a range of alternative energy products please contact your local Tokheim Sales and Service Division.

CNG Cirrus Tokheim

Q310 CNG


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Motorcycle dispenser proving a success in Africa

Tokheim’s new Quantium 330M dispenser, designed specifically for the demanding requirements of the busy motorcycle re-fuelling environment, has now been installed in 8 countries in Africa. The dispenser has proven popular due to a number of key features including the 4 active hoses with one display and one keypad per hose. The Q330M comes with Tokheim’s robust TQP pumping unit to help deal with the high frequency of start stops as well as the ability to deliver fuel to motorcycles at the specific flow-rate of 20 litres per minute. It also helps improve throughput on busy sites at peak times by utilising a unique ‘preset and reset’ solution for faster low volume amounts.

Motorcycle fuel dispenser


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Tokheim Eye and SafePay installations helping improve security across European forecourts

Tokheim Germany has begun to install a number of new security and payment solutions. Recent projects included the installation of Tokheim’s closed cash handling solution, SafePay. The first site to benefit from the payment system that automatically counts and dispenses cash was EDi’s Tankpunkt 1, in Oehringen, which is part of a larger 20-site dealer network. The station, which also uses the Tokheim Fuel POS installed two SafePay systems onsite. Roland Weissert, GM of “EDi Energie-Direkt” says, “SafePay has helped improve the cash management of our newly developed site. A number of areas such as cash reconciliation, change of shift, and daily differences have been simplified and made more efficient.”

SafePay closed cash

Tokheim EYE’s first installation in Germany has also taken place recently. The site in Kitzingen in Northern Bavaria benefits from a fully integrated Fuel POS with Tokheim EYE solution. The powerful solution connects dispensers, POS and CCTV together to help prevent fraud on the forecourt and in the shop. Images of the motorist refueling also appear on the cashier’s POS screen to help reduce mix-ups and improve throughput. Sites can also be monitored remotely via a PC, smartphone or iPad app. A number of new installations are now planned over the next quarter after the successful pilot project.

Tokheim EYE is now installed and supported across the UK, Germany, Ireland and Croatia. In Ireland one of the largest independent oil company networks, Maxol has installed Tokheim EYE on a number of their sites and they are also utilising the “control room” solution to help monitor all systems remotely on their unmanned sites. GreatGas, who are steadily expanding their network in Ireland, are also utilising the Tokheim EYE and “control room” software to help ensure security and compliance on their sites.


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Rontec completes Tokheim Flow back office roll out

Tokheim has successfully rolled out its Flow Back Office and Flow Web Reporting solutions to over 160 Rontec stations in the UK. The production roll out took only 6 weeks and, through Tokheim’s close co-operation with the experienced Rontec I.T. team, typical station downtime was kept to less than 3 hours –including POS software reconfiguration and all on-site testing activities.

Flow Back Office

A road map for the future has now been agreed with Rontec and this will ensure that the deployed solution continues to evolve to fit the business’s ever-developing strategic and operational requirements.

Keith Carsley, Director of Background2, said, “The tools developed and experience gained during the Rontec project will be of great value to Tokheim in the future. Our ability to package large scale back office system replacement programs for rapid implementation into existing hardware, network and software systems environments will be of interest to many organisations seeking to lower their IT running costs through the deployment of newer technologies across their retail networks.”


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Tokheim picks up two HSSE awards

Tokheim is pleased to announce that it has been recognised for its HSSE achievements from Total in Tunisia and Vivo Energy in Morocco. Total acknowledged Tokheim Cottam’s security initiatives in Tunisia at its “Golden Rules” awards ceremony in the summer. Vivo Energy acknowledged Tokheim Matam for maintenance and safety initiatives at the “Safety Excellence Awards” in June, as well as congratulating the company for its ongoing work in helping support the positive brand image in the market.

HSSE Award


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T-Media Case Study: Northumberland Fuels UK

Having opened in June 2012, the Northumberland Fuels site has already seen large growth in customer base, and sales in fuel and retail goods. Located in Alnwick, in Northern England, on the busy A1 motorway, the impressive 3,000 square foot Northumberland Fuels service station has 12 multi-product Quantium dispensers, and a set of busy HGV lanes. All pumps on site are from Tokheim and a number of these have been fitted with Tokheim’s media screens. Tokheim has provided Northumberland Fuels with their latest media solution, T-Media, which is a “cloud” based, online application that allows the station to organise and play media on their dispensers.

Having 33 years experience in the trade, the site’s Operations Manager Joyce Hodgson, feels that the introduction of the Tokheim’s media screens on the pumps have had a positive effect on the site’s sales. With retail sales increasing by 42% and fuel sales rising weekly, Joyce says that T-Media has helped boost revenue in a number of key areas and that “since we put the media screens in the response has seen our promotions do very well. Our site is 70% transient so the meal deals with Wild Bean and Spar go very very well here. The customers really relate to it, they do read it because if there’s a promotion gone they will still come and ask for it…the sales have been better than expected.”

T-Media Case Study

With three distinctive modes the screens ensure that Northumberland Fuels are communicating the right message at the right time to the customer. Mode 1, while the pump is idle – the screen will display safety messages; Mode 2, while the pump is filling – the screen displays promotional material and Mode 3, when fuelling has finished, the screen will display details such as pump number, final transaction detail, etc to ensure throughput is as smooth as possible. Tokheim have also ensured that T-Media is as user-friendly as possible. You simply upload the content you want shown, drag into a playlist and schedule when you want it to run, then let it play to bring your forecourt to life. As it is web based it can be done from anywhere in the world on a PC, tablet or mobile. Joyce says “I find T-media very easy, I was a little nervous about it at first, but it’s very self-explanatory and very simple.”

However, being new to T-media Joyce felt it was important to have reliable service and support when necessary. She says Tokheim’s training and support “has been second to none”. Joyce says that she discussed the installation of the new media solution with the board of directors prior to the building of the site and that they are very happy with the outcome. She says, “We’ve seen very good return on our investment for all media shown”.


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Tokheim EYE Case Study: Ron Perry (Independent) UK

The sheer range of advantages offered by the powerful new Tokheim EYE system are already being realised by one of the first UK service station businesses to install it since its launch at Automechanika: Ron Perry & Son’s two service stations located on the A19 near Hartlepool. As a long-established operation in the north of England, Ron Perry & Son has operated here for over 40 years, with three generations of the Perry family involved.

Current proprietor Ron Perry, son of the business’ founder, has expanded the northbound and southbound facilities to encompass facilities including forecourt shops and a cafe on each site. With such a variety of important operations to maintain, protect and manage Ron concluded that an existing seven-year old CCTV analogue system was no longer providing sufficiently detailed images or properly viewing areas of the sites required – including the fuel pumps. His longstanding relationship with Tokheim led to the installation in September 2012 of the Tokheim Eye system, and within six weeks it had already demonstrated its value in a multitude of ways.

Initial set-up

A trial of two IP dome cameras located above the cashier positions in the retail shops, linked to Ron’s desk computer in his office on the southbound site, as well as his smartphone, has given him an insight into just how useful a fully expanded system could be. “The images and data that I have already seen have been invaluable in terms of revealing operational management improvements we can make. For instance, reviewing staff activity when a recent drive-off incident occurred showed that we could introduce changes to maximise the chances of this being spotted and take appropriate action in future.”

“On a day-to-day level, it has allowed me to see when queues build up in the shop and make changes in shift patterns to minimise inconvenience for our visiting customers. If I want to search for any kind of incident, it is now far quicker and easier because you can ask the system to search via criteria such as last fill-up, last cash payment, by receipt, date, time etc. For instance, a customer rang us to ask if he had driven off leaving an item on our shop counter whilst paying and we were able to speedily find the relevant images using the new shop cameras just by asking him for some simple information over the phone. Previously, that would have been very time consuming because of the lack of integration between the cameras, the pumps and the tills. We have also used the high definition (HD) dome cameras to search for till receipt data for transactions where there has been a query over the payment, because it is actually quicker to use the surveillance system to find the receipt details and settle any dispute.”

CCTV shop

Expansion schedule

Inspired by Tokheim EYE’s potential, Ron is now planning to expand the system with IP HD cameras out on the forecourt monitoring the pumps and maximising the value of a fully integrated system for his two sites. Also on the agenda are interfaced automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, with advantages including the ability to build a license plate database for blacklisting of vehicles involved in previous drive-offs, pre-empting potential thieves before they can leave with stolen fuel and thereby protecting the precious bottom line.


One drive-off has already been investigated and images of the culprit were ‘exported’ onto removable media and passed to the police, who in turn were able to play the evidence to the driver in question. The result? He returned to A19 Services and paid the fuel bill. “We have found that Tokheim Eye is so demonstrably useful that the police have reacted to the system’s abilities and are very willing to take advantage of its capabilities. If they can use its evidence to prosecute for one incident, there’s often a chance that the person or vehicle can be linked to other offences. For instance, a car involved in a recent drive-off was later found to be stolen too.”

In terms of tackling shrinkage, Ron expects the system to also provide a fast means of identifying anomalies including voids, refunds and high numbers of returns. “The system is so powerful and easy to use that it proactively provides warnings and supplies the related data and visual evidence as a package. That means that problems do not slip through the net and can be investigated without it being an onerous task in terms of the time this previously took:’ he explains. Expansion of Tokheim Eye at the A19 Services is aided by the ability to add elements of the system when investment funds permit and circumstances dictate. “For me, the beauty of this is that I do not have to fund the whole installation in one go, meaning it is flexible, versatile and ‘future-proof, because we can make changes as events develop in the future.’

As an innovative businessman, he also has his eye on the potential for enhancing revenue through customer service improvements such as target advertising via pump-mounted display screens. The ANPR software will have a potential dual purpose here, alerting the system to a returning vehicle and prompting retrieval of the driver’s previous purchases – allowing the opportunity to instantly welcome the motorist back and tempt them with suggestions of items on-sale in the shop en-route to the cash desk.


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Arriva installs SmartFuel in Sweden

Tokheim ProFleet has installed its innovative vehicle identification solution, SmartFuel, at two Arriva fleet depots in Sweden. One of the sites located in Raasta has a combined Ethanol and Biodiesel fuelling depot to cater for more than 200+ vehicles. The busy commercial site has 18 nozzles in operation, made up of 6 ethanol and 12 bio-diesel nozzles. Two SmartFuel systems were installed across the large depot to interface to four Tokheim ProFleet fuel management systems – DiaLOG. A Tokheim ProFleet Dia-Box server is running offsite in Denmark with replication to the fueling. Tokheim partnered with Biofuel Express to offer the total solutions package to Arriva.

SmartFuel Vehicle ID


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Tokheim employee represents France at international event

Tokheim is proud to say that among its employees, we now have an athlete who has represented his country and has competed at an international level. Last September, Jean Cheminade, who works in the IT department at Tokheim HQ, Villepinte, represented France at the 2012 IFSC World Paraclimbing Championships.

Starting at a young age, Jean, now 32, has always climbed regularly, taking only a few breaks to concentrate on studies. Subsequently two years ago he returned to more serious training and joined South Oise Climbing Club where he trains two to three times a week. In 2011 he received a mail from the French Federation stating that they were seeking candidates to represent France in the World Championships.

Jean Cheminade Tokheim

“At first I thought it was a joke”, reveals Jean. But then in June Jean attended an intensive selection camp and was selected to wear the French colours and represent his nation at the Championships. Approaching the day of competition Jean trained intensively 3-5 times a week, some sessions lasting up to four hours. Being his first major event, Jean’s main goal was to get through the qualifiers and simply enjoy himself. Thanks to his hard work he succeeded – finishing a highly credible eleventh out of twenty-three competitors.

The Climbing and Paraclimbing World Championships is a key event in the IFSC’s bid for Olympic inclusion in 2020. Jean, too, plans to keep on climbing and hopes to continue at the high level he has already successfully achieved.


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New Tokheim website receives CSS design nomination

Tokheim’s new Corporate website has received a nomination for a CSS Design Award.

Tokheim CSS Design Award

Tokheim’s nomination reflects “high levels of creativity, originality and overall design competence” according to CSS Design Awards. All winning nominations will be considered for the coveted Designer of the Year Award. Tokheim’s new website was launched in September in English and French and new languages will go live soon.


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We will be delighted to welcome you, our customers, on our stand at the following industry events:

Tradeshows Tokheim

Verona, Transpotec

Italy 28 February – 3 March 2013

Istanbul, Automechanika Istanbul

Turkey 11-14 April 2013

Birmingham, The Forecourt Show

UK 14-16 April 2013

Münster, Tankstelle & Mittelstand

Germany 15-16 May 2013


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Tokheim PDF Download

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