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Tokheim e-CIS™

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Tokheim e-CIS™ forecourt controller combines a powerful Forecourt Device Controller (FDC) with an Electronic Payment Server (EPS) application. Not only does e-CIS connect to all types of fuel dispensers, it can also be used as a gateway product to interface third party POS systems with Tokheim’s solutions for forecourt management and card payment.

Tokheim e-CIS offers customers a compact hardware design with disk mirroring function and a variety of external hardware converters for proprietary protocol support. Tokheim e-CIS also allows you to control your tank level gauge, price sign and outdoor payment terminals, plus much more.

The solution, based on .NET technology, allows you to access data and manage your site remotely.


Tokheim’s e-CIS provides control of:
  • Outdoor Payment: Connect Crypto VGA to your 3rd party POS
  • POS: Connect your point of sale to the rest of your forecourt
  • Tank Gauges: Connect to tank level gauges and probes
  • Price Signs: Control your price signs day and night
  • Vehicle ID: Connect to vehicle identification systems such as SmartFuel
  • Media: Connect to and manage your 17-inch Tokheim VGA media screens
  • Support: Remote diagnostics and software updates
  • Dispensers: Tokheim and a wide range of 3rd party fuel pumps