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Tokheim Fuel Homebase™

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Tokheim Fuel Homebase™ is a dedicated solution for the management of unmanned stations. It allows you to connect seamlessly with other systems on your unmanned station including outdoor payment, dispensers, CCTV, tank level gauges, pole-sign, and car wash. Connected through a secure internet connection you can manage your site remotely from an office or on the move.

Unmanned – The complete solution

Tokheim provides a complete and flexible unmanned solution. Our services include project management and construction, assistance with legislative paperwork, right through to the installation and maintenance of all the equipment.

We can provide you with a range of dispensers for all fuel types – these can be fitted with our integrated card payment terminal, Tokheim Crypto VGA™ outdoor payment solution. We also offer a variety of standalone card payment terminals including a bank note acceptor – these can also be used to purchase additional items such as phone credit or car wash, as well as voucher applications. We also provide additional systems such as CCTV and tank level gauges. All operations are controlled through the Tokheim Fuel Homebase – this is the core of the operation – it allows you to manage the fuel deliveries, links to the dispensers, payment terminals and CCTV solution and it provides you with the ability to change the pole-signs remotely. More on unmanned

Wetstock & Tank management

Smart wetstock management capabilities help reduce fuel losses and improve compliance. Tokheim Fuel Homebase comes with automatic tank calibration, wetstock reconciliation, leak detection and fully automatic delivery detection features to help manage your fuel remotely.

Forecourt control

Connect to all types of fuel dispensers with ease through Tokheim Fuel Homebase’s fully integrated digital pump controller.

Reliability and Security

Your service station can rely on a solution that is fast, stable and ‘future-proof’. Our payment security development meets PCI’s strictest requirements so you are better protected from fraud; now and in the future.

Reports overview

Tokheim Fuel Homebase helps you to manage your overall fuelling more effectively. Its sophisticated reporting features helps ensure you have the right amount of fuel at the right time in your tanks.