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Tokheim Petrol Manager™

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Tokheim Petrol Manager™ fuel management solution allows you to remotely manage fuel activities for your network of stations (unmanned or attended). It helps you to easily manage your network through alerts, view day reports, and see exactly how much fuel is stored in your tanks. You can also change your prices remotely via the Tokheim Petrol Manager application so you can manage your wetstock effectively from any location.

Alerts and notifications

The alert module provides you with an immediate overview of the status of your network and quickly identifies possible problems. You can receive messages for issues such as out of stock, fuel leakage, fraud alarms and out of paper on your payment terminals. This module also offers the possibility to escalate a problem via an SMS or email.


Pricing Management

This module gives you an overview of the price structure in your network and allows you to manage the prices centrally. You can easily change fuel prices for standard fuels as well as alternative fuels, while incorporating any loyalty or fuel card applications. The application naturally changes your price signs for a fully integrated solution.

Wetstock Management

Tokheim Petrol Manager allows you to connect to your tank gauge to view your stock data per station. Simple and clear graphics give you an overview of the stock per tank, per tank group and per fuel. You can drill down the data further to look at trends over time to ensure you have the right levels of stock at the right time.

Sales Management

This module provides various perspectives on the fuel sales and gives you an indication of the performance of each of the stations within your network. You can view performance by hour, day, week or month and compare these across your sites.

Administration Access

Tokheim’s local support team will set up a list of administrators and users for you. You can assign different levels of access for certain employees, and easily manage and control who receives notifications for what types of alerts.

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