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Tokheim SafePay™

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Dover Fueling Solutions, in partnership with Gunnebo, introduce Tokheim SafePay™, a pioneering closed cash system for retailers which can replace manual tills with recycling cash systems. Payment is counted and the correct change is paid automatically. Coins and notes

are secured and controlled from the moment customers pay until the money reaches the cash-counting centre. With Tokheim SafePay, stores are safer, cash differences and shrinkage is removed, and back office administration is reduced.

How does it Work?
  1. The customer deposits the coins into the coin recycler, which then automatically sorts and counts the tender.
  2. Notes are typically passed to the cashier to insert into note reader.
  3. The change is then automatically dispensed as both coins and notes by the Tokheim SafePay solution.
Tokheim Fuel POS with Tokheim SafePay

Tokheim SafePay is fully integrated with Tokheim Fuel POS™ fuel retail solutions, which enables the secure cash handling system to work seamlessly with debit, credit and fuel card payments. The SafePay system consists of two, separate units: one for the customer to insert coins themselves, and the other placed behind the cash desk for the cashier to insert bank notes. All payments and transactions are connected to the EPOS, enabling total reconciliation of accounts .

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  • Improved security
    No manual cash handling responsibility for staff.
  • Safer environment
    A safer store for customers and employees.
  • Better customer service
    Cashiers have more time to focus on your customers.
  • Easy to manage
    Automatic reconciliation and cash control.
  • More efficient
    A faster, more streamlined cash handling process.
  • Improved working capital
    Partner with local banks for direct credit of daily takings.
  • Local knowledge, global team
    Dover Fueling Solutions has an international support network that puts service first. We are there every step of the way