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725 T-Media Group 2016

Petrol stations are a hub of activity. Why not provide customers with information and entertainment? Our 17 inch media screens, Tokheim TQC-VGA™ media and payment display units, bring promotions, information and advertisements alive.

We don’t just give you a screen – we provide you with a full media package, Tokheim T-Media™, which provides you with a return on your investment.

Hardware: One focus point with TQC-VGA

TQC VGA’s all-in-one media screen and calculator is the most effective way of delivering media to a captive audience. Unlike other current media dispenser integrated options, 17 inch TQC VGA delivers all information in one dedicated screen.  There is no confusion as to where to look for the motorist. All information is delivered on one user interface. This one large display ensures the motorist is not distracted while fuelling and advertisers and marketers can have peace of mind that a captive audience sees the media. More on TQC

355 Media Quantium 510 new 2016

T-Media: Add, schedule, play.

With T-Media, you have an online application that allows you to organise and play media on your dispensers.  It is completely web based, so no software requires to be installed locally on the station. With T-Media from Tokheim you add content to a playlist, schedule when you want it to run, and let it play to bring your forecourt to life. All this can be done remotely, anywhere, anytime in the world.

725 filling up Q510 new 2016

Event Driven Media and Advertising

T-Media is programmed to be event driven. That means that you can deliver a variety of messages using more sophisticated marketing methods. The Media can be driven by default standard events such as ‘idle’ (e.g. Welcome/Safety message), ‘fuelling’ (e.g. promote shop products or higher-grade fuels), or ‘end of fuelling’ (e.g. Thank You message).

T-Media also goes one step further by allowing marketers to promote products based on a variety of events such as fuel type, loyalty cards, registration plates (through ANPR), timed promotions, closed notices, out of order signs. This level of sophistication sets it apart from simply running ads or TV 24/7.

Videos, Animation, Images, Websites and more

You can add content, such as video clips, flash animations, power point presentations or web addresses, to the T-Media web service from anywhere in the world. Simply upload your content and then drag and drop it to a playlist. Alternatively you can create content by using our simple templates editor. Tokheim’s local sales teams can provide a design service if you wish to create a more localised and powerful message.

Media types

Access Control

Different types of customers will often need to give access to different users of the system. As an Independent or NOC you may want graphic designers to upload content. Oil companies may want media providers, ad agencies, or marketing personnel across several locations to manage their screens. You can assign different access levels quickly with an easy-to-use admin tool set.

Access Control

Benefits of T-Media

Increase shop sales

  • Displays stimulate customers to increase average spend on impulse purchases as well as additional services such as car wash. With T-Media’s schedule plan you choose what presentations you’d like to run and when. For example, you may wish to run ads for coffee in the morning, sandwiches at lunch and the lottery in the evening. You could then schedule car wash ads for the weekend.
  • High impact adverts bring products and services alive, and provide effective communication with target audiences – providing your businesses with a competitive advantage.
  • Real-time information such as local traffic and weather reports can easily be added and automatically updated to increase repeat visits and customer loyalty.
  • You can complement national, regional and local adverts with forecourt specific information and offers; an integrated approach to help boost sales.